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Breaking Cat News

Move over, Anderson Cooper! CNN has got nothing on the three adorable house cats reporting the news in Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting on the News that Matters to Cats. Created by author and illustrator Georgia Dunn, and based on the lives of her real life cats Elvis, Lupin and Puck, these kitties deliver hard-hitting news coverage on topics such as

  • The Vacuum Cleaner is Back!
  • The Woman is Cooking Bacon
  • The House is Under Attack from a Mysterious Red Dot
  • The Man is Taking a Shower

Breaking Cat News cartoon

And what is up with the people building a box fort, the moth outside the window, and the strange creature the humans brought home?

Breaking Cat News Intro

This book will make you smile, snort and laugh out loud. The charming illustrations have so much detail that you’ll discover something new each time you look through the book. Dunn purrfectly captures the cats’ personalities. Brilliant, adorable and funny – four paws up for Breaking Cat News!

Breaking Cat News is available from Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

*FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. Receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

Interior images provided by the publisher, used with permission.

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  1. We have been reading BCN almost since it began. It is our Monday and Thursday go email. Georgia Dunn knows cats and how they react. Her interpretations are hilarious.

  2. added to my wish list — as I have added many others you have reviewed as well!! ♥♥♥

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