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Play is vitally important to a cat’s physical and mental health, and it’s especially important for indoor cats. Even though cats may sleep up to 16 hours a day, when they’re awake, they need stimulation, and the best way to accomplish this is with play. Play is also a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between cat and human. Brain Games for Cats: Fun Ways to Build a Loving Bond With Your Cat Through Games and Challenges offers a wide variety of games and exercises for cats of all ages.

Contents include

  • Introduction — Understanding your cat: Breed and temperament; Health factors to consider; Which games to play?
  • Building A Bond — Games that mentally and physically tone your cat: Sit Up, Stretch for Toy, Stand High, High Five, Paw Hockey etc.
  • More Complex Games — Retrieve, Fishing, Hoop Jump, Limbo, Hurdles, Leg Weaves, Obstacle Course, Bubble Chase.


The book features step-by-step illustrations to guide you and your cat through the games, along with tips on how to make the games fun for your cat.


Many of the games are super creative, yet so simple. “Piñata Fun” involves a paper bag with small holes cut into it. You fill the bag with treats, and when kitty bats at the bag, the treats tumble out. “Forage Feeder” and “Treat Tubes” show you how to make puzzle toys from boxes, paper cups and toilet paper rolls.

Allegra and Ruby are waiting impatiently for me to start making some of the puzzle toys.

Brain Games for Cats is available from Amazon.

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  1. My cat taught me the weave! Another cat liked hide and go seek, and another loved fetch (but only with the correct toy)…they are amazing animals!

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