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FurCodes are a modern upgrade to the pet tag of previous generations. Each tag links to an online Pet Profile allowing pet owners to keep their pet’s contact, vet and care information current. You simply enter the tag ID in a web browser and it instantly renders your Pet’s profile page. You can even scan the tag with a Smartphone’s QR code reader. You select which information displays, and you can update or change the information at any time.

The profile section on the FurCodes website allows you enter your contact information, your pet’s veterinarian’s information, medical and vaccination history, and registration information. I particularly like the option to enter medical information, this can be lifesaving if your pet requires medications, is diabetic, or has allergies.

A combination of a tag and microchip are the best method for returning a lost pet, with traditional tags being the primary method for identifying them. However, experts estimate that nearly 60% of these tags contain outdated owner contact information, making them virtually useless. FurCodes provides 24/7 real-time access to vital contact, vet, and care information. Of course, this, too, requires that pet owners update the information online.

I like the idea of these smart tags, but I think they would work best in combination with a traditional tag that also contains the pet’s microchip information. It’s always better to have too much information rather than too little.

For more information about FurCodes, please visit their website.

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