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Allegra on ScratchKabin

Whenever a box arrives addressed to Allegra and Ruby King, my two product testers know that it’s time for them to get to work! They’re always very helpful with opening the boxes, and they can’t wait to see what fun new product they get to check out.

Their eyes got bigger as it became obvious that something really big was going to come out of this particular box. Once I got the KatKabin® it out of the box, it didn’t take Allegra long to claim it as hers, as you can see in the photo above.

KatKabins® are unique and innovative cat houses. The outdoor version stands above the ground and provides a warm, cosy outdoor shelter for napping, stretching and relaxing in all weather conditions. It comes with a removable KatFlap and a washable KatKushion. It is also available in a double door version and as a premium combination with a washable fleecy Winter Warmer which lines the internal body of the KatKabin® for added insulation.

We received their newest model, the SkratchKabin™, a scratchable cat house and bed. The outside scratching surface is made from rough carpeting. The ScratchKabin™ comes with a removable and washable cushion. It also comes with a removable toy hanger and a sisal toy mouse (see video below).

Ruby inside KatKabin

Ruby was the first of my two to check out the inside, and found it to be quite satisfactory. She thinks it’s going to come in real handy when she wants to stalk and surprise Allegra.

Watch both of them check out their new ScratchKabin™, and don’t miss Allegra’s excellent demonstration of how to use the scratch surface:


The KatKabin® and ScratchKabin™ comes in a variety of colors to match any indoor or outdoor decor. For more information and to purchase,  please visit the KatKabin® website.

***This giveaway is closed***

Win a KatKabin®  or ScratchKabin™ for your cat – a $99 value!

You will have a choice between the standard KatKabin® or the ScratchKabin™. To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win, and whether you’d like a KatKabin® or  ScratchKabin™. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is open to readers in the US, Canada and Europe. It ends Thursday, July 5.

Only 2 days left to nominate!

163 Comments on Review and giveaway: Enter to win a KatKabin cat house

  1. I would lik to win the ScratchKabin. My cats would love to find new places to nap. They are indoor cats.I have 3 so I know there will be debates over who gets to use it. I would like the ScratchKabin because the one they have is really used and shows it. It is a great idea.

  2. I would love to win a ScratchKabin for my Lucy girl. She’s 15 and needs a place to hide away from my other kiddo Smurf who is only 3. He likes to play but she needs more seclusion and sleep as she’s a senior-gal. They are both rescues and I wouldn’t part with either of them but I need to get him to stop tackling her while she’s dozing.
    Thanks! =^.^=

  3. This is such a wonderful contest and any cat who wins will be lucky. My Jet And Spooky vote for the ScratchKabin™. They love to use their claws and I am so happy when it is on one of their scratching boards and not my furniture. So help rescue my furniture.


  4. Thank-you, Ingrid!

    My new Sphynx cat, Bea, would love a ScratchKabin, not only for the great scratching surface to keep her nails trim and neat, but for the cozy Kabin. Sphynx cats love and need to be warm. This would be great to help keep her body heat in. I could add a soft, fluffy blanket and in the winter, a heating pad for her.

  5. I raise foster kittens for the local shelter. My house is “temporary home” to anywhere from 4 – 10 kittens, some with nursing mothers most of the year. I think the foster kittens would just love to have access to a ScratchKabin to entertain themselves. Thank you.

  6. I have 6 furbabies and we just moved into a new rental that has “pillars” in the entry into the dining room. My bunch have decided that they are TREES and want to scratch them (ignoring their cardboard scratch pads). This would be PURRFECT and hopefully the fun of playing in and on and able to scratch their own “trunk” will have them ignore the boring “trees” >^..^<

  7. OMGosh, a ScratchKabin would be a miracle for us right now!

    I have 2 kitties with 20 claws each. That is a lot of claws.

    They have been using all 40 of these claws to pull up our carpeting at every corner! (I blame Ms. Luna, the tortie, for teaching our tabby how to do this. Or maybe it was the other way around. I don’t know! They’re very good at plotting together to drive us batty!)

    There is just nothing I can do but give them more interesting surfaces to scratch! A ScratchKabin would be a lifesaver.

  8. My boyfriend and I are owned by the sweetest Siamese who loves to claim everything as his jungle gym! The Scratch Kabin would be perfect for him, and for the new kitten we are getting soon!

  9. Having 4 cats in the 3-4 year age range, it is a constant challenge to keep them active and keep them from scratching the furniture. A Scratch Cabin would provide them with some interactive play as well as an alternative to the leather couch. Thank you >^..^<

  10. We are currently fostering our 23rd, 24th, and 25th foster kittens for a rescue organization in Austin, Tx. (Litter of three ). This is over the course of 12 months. We can’t mix them with our cats, so we built them their own screen porch/ cattery so they can enjoy the sun on nice days. The Scratch Kabin would be a perfect addition for litters waiting to go to their forever homes!

  11. I’m not particularly special but my 2 kitties would LUV the KatKabin! Dolly & Simon. I’m gone 12-13 hrs a day as a 911 dispatcher and a little something new would help liven up ol’ Simon’s spirits. Plus, they’re my sweet solace after a rough shift and I’d like to give them something nice. Thank You!!

  12. My two kitty girls, Portia & Ginger would love to win either one of the wonderful cabins you have to share. They play very well together but sometimes need a “place of their own” to escape to. Thank you for having these to give away to somebody’s kitty friends.

  13. I would love to win the ScratchCabin for my little kitten Bella. She is such a busy and playful little cat and would love climbing and scratching her ScratchCabin and then when she gets tired she can sleep inside!

  14. My kitty Sweetie would love the SkratchKabin! He likes sleeping in enclosed areas and this would be perfect!

  15. Im SO excited about this contest.! I have SEVEN rescue cats, living in my house. They all just love to scratch on MY furniture and walls. They desperately need there own item to scratch on.! We dont get them cat toys like this EVER, so I think it would be such a joy for them to have such a great work of furniture for them to play on.! (: They get excited even just with a simple plastic bag, so I cant imagine how excited they would be about a new piece of their very OWN furniture.!! At my house, we know ALL about tortitude. I have a very special TORTI kitty, who WOULD love this item.! (; If I win, I know my kitties would like the Scratch Kabin, please. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and I hope you chose me.! (:

  16. Miss Lucy and little Rikki would love a new hidey hole and the scratchy pads on top would make them very happy.

  17. Hi! I’d love to a KatKabin for the shelter where I volunteer -Bristol Animal Shelter.

    They are a tiny no-kill shelter who, in addition to the hundreds of dogs and cats who find their way through their doors to forever homes, manage to support a feral colony on the property. Their ferals have one dog house for shelter, but would LOVE something as fancy and durable as the KatKabin.

    Thank you for holding this giveaway!

  18. I shared this giveaway on Facebook:

    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  19. I would love to win the ScratchKabin because Olivia, Zoe , Murphy, Izzy & Abigail are clawing my couch! They had a tilted scratching post but it was used so often it finally collapsed! I know they would enjoy napping in the ScratchKabin as well! I also have started caring for some outdoor kitties that could use the ScratchKabin on my covered front porch in winter.
    Thanks for the chance!

  20. My kitty would love the scratch kabin. He scratches everything already so a house just for him to scratch would be perfect. Of course, he might prefer the box that it comes in because he’s a big fan of crawling inside things! Thanks.

  21. I would love to have this for my 2 babies plus the foster cats that live in my house. The kittens I foster would love it too!!!

  22. Ai will lub its furever cross mai paws!!!¡¡¡ JenniMurr ..
    JENNIMURR! ! you hacked Mommys Wall!
    Yes, okay,I will tell them….ahem!!!!
    JenniMurr would love the Kat Kabin… really!
    Thank You Aledra and JenniMurr

  23. I know my Butterball kitty who is 14years young would love to have a KatKabin for the back deck. She doesn’t climb trees anymore and would love to keep herself warm and safe from the country critters in the purrrrfect KatKabin. (When I was a kid my Dad built something like this out of an old plastic blue barrel and it was hideous but kept my kitties warm and safe!) Thank You

  24. I have 3 cats, all of which I have adopted from the Erie County SPCA over the last 9 years. Being that they came from a shelter, I have always felt that I cannot spoil them enough. (I also volunteer at the shelter and buy toys for all of the homeless kitties) I would love to have one of your wonderful scratchKabins for my kitties. Why the ScratchKabin? Well WHY NOT? I would never have my babies declawed. so I make sure to keep plenty of scratch surfaces around for them.

  25. I have one cat and two outdoor kitties that visit. The outdoor version would be great for our outside visitors – a nice safe space for a snooze!

  26. I’m only 15, and not really old enough to work anywhere near where I live, so I have to save any money I get. My tortie Shadow would love this, because she has been using a dining table as her ‘home base’ for the past couple months, where she can keep an eye on both her food and her litter box. I would love for her to have this as opposed to the table, she would be comfy, I would feel better because of that, and my mom wouldn’t complain about a dirty table (which we never used anyway, but having Shadow off of it would still help) I can’t just go out and buy her things like this, as I said in my first sentence, so winning this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  27. I have 6 cats of various ages, breeds & sizes but they all love beds and “hidey” spots. I would love the ScratchKabin–we just adopted an Exotic Shorthair & drove 7 hours with her scratching the rugs in my car! She’s a horizontal scratcher & likes to be a bit higher than her new siblings so I think she would love one! My Lennon & Bessie Lou would like to play hide & go seek in it and maybe tire themselves out.

  28. Both my cats love hide-and-seek, so a Kat Kabin would be an ideal hiding spot for them. Looks cozy for a nice afternoon cat nap!

  29. I’d absolutely love to win this for my babies! I’d pick the SkratchKabin. I have three furbabies who are my life! Hubby and I don’t have children so our cats are treated like our own flesh and blood. Fuzz, Sissy and Koli are spoiled rotten with love but we don’t have a lot of things like this for them. This would be great to win!

    Thanks for the chance!

  30. I start every morning with a hearty scratching post session, love my post but after 7 years itd be nice to try something new. We are moving to a new house soon and I think this would be just the thing to help me have a “safe place” and get acclimated.

  31. I’d love to win a scratch cabin because we cannot afford to get our cats nice furniture. I know they’d adore this!

  32. I had to move unexpectedly (no job) and was welcomed into my friends place with cat in tow. I would have been homeless and I had a cat that I could/would not give up, unfortunately my roomies cat and mine do not get along so we have to seperate them. My cat is shy and will hide, the Scratchkabin would be so wonderful for my Coco as she loves to find small places to hide in and of course loves to scratch! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway.

  33. I would like the kat kabin because when I moved I had to get rid of all of my kitties toys and playhouses and they look so bored and I think they would love the KATKABIN!<3

  34. I would have to say the Scratch Kabin because my 5 would go nuts over this because they love new places to scratch!

  35. I have never really been a cat person, but my boyfriend has an amazing cat who has changed my mine. Karma was found by my boyfriend on the middle yellow lines of a busy street one night and Jack (my boyfriend) didn’t think twice about stopping and taking him home. He is the sweetest and most loving cat I have ever met in my life and he has really managed to change how I feel about cats in general. He is cuddly and so affectionate and I really thing that he would be over the moon if he were the lucky cat to get this amazing prize. Hey, maybe if you pick Karma as the winner good karma will come your way. Thanks for reading.

    New Cat Lover

  36. I have 3 cats – two wild furballs that are just over a year, and our newest addition is a senior (~10 yrs) who is blind and FIV+. He loves finding places to hide, and I think he would love this. And if it was the ScratchKabin, my other two could stop attacking my husband’s chair.

  37. Myself and my two kitties.. Max and Minka would love to have a scratchkabin! My kitties have a big tall cat tree and card board scratchers (cat lounge) but they arent exactly happy with them.. I still have to stop them from scratching on my nice footstool! My kitties are full of fun personality.. they play fetch like dogs with their miceys and my orange girl Minka actually likes to get into a bathtub full of water and play in it.. But they also like some personal quiet time when they are all worn out, this would be perfect! I work for a non profit/social services business and dont make a lot of money to buy super cool things like this for my prince and princess.. they are everything to me and I want to give them the world!!

  38. Oh wow our little girl kitty would think it’s the best thing ever! She love to hide im things and this look like the perfect hiding place for a nap. And she also like to keep her nails sharp, but she’s a good girl and only sharpen them on her scratchers. she like the one she has thats made of sisal rope and the other one is a cardboard with some stuff on it like the stuff thats on a nail file for humans, type of scartcher, she like that one a lot , she almost scratched a hole through it. So she like to hide to take a nap and she also like to scratch so i think she would really like this 🙂

  39. We have 5 cats and it would be wonderful to add the ScratchKabin as an addt’l escape/nap/ scratch piece for them. I love that a scratching surface was added to the outside of the KatKabin, very clever. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  40. We’z living in a fast paced, high tech world today, and I pride meh-self on being an oustanding multi-tasking kinda kitteh. I would very much enjoy being da proud owner of da ScratchKabin as it would give meh an opportunity to keep me claws sharp and meh mind well-rested. Thank yoos fur considering meh in dis give-away contest.

  41. My two would love it as Skratchkabin as loved to streach when scratching and hang out in side the carrier

  42. Living in wet old Ireland my baby would love a katkabing to hide away and avoid all that nasty rain.

  43. I would absolutely LOVE to win the ScratchKabin for my furkids. We could really use an “upper” in the house. We do whatever we can to take in, give medical care, food and a loving home to homeless cats when they appear at our doorstep (which happens a lot…). We support and volunteer with 2 local cat rescue groups and have been doing so since 2003. Our cats are our lives. Your “cabins” look like a really purposeful and FUN cat treat!! Thank you kindly. Cindy, hubby and fur family 🙂

  44. I have 6 kitties: Pepe, Clyde, Patches, Bella, Guy & Smudgie. I could really use a SkratchKabin for them, to try to deter them from clawing up my furniture. I would love to throw some nip in there and watch them go crazy running in and out of it.

  45. A ScratchKabin would be a purrfect place for me to get away from my brofurs! Please enter me in the drawing.


  46. We are cat lovers in my household. We currently have 4 healthy and just rescued a kitten from a busy intersection. The newest addition is still quite scared and wild but is coming along. The Skratch Kabin is just the thing to make this kitten the happiest most pampered and thankful creature alive!!!

  47. My three would love something like the SkratchKabin. They love scratchers & their “forts” (sport cubes) but they’ve loved their forts too much. Can’t get new ones for several months, so winning something like this would be so exciting for them!!

  48. My cats would love the SkratchKabin. They deserve a truly beautiful house, toy, unique items like this which I can’t afford to buy them right now. Thanks for the chance.

  49. My Rosie, like your Ruby would love to hide & surprise the other kitties. All the kitties would love the ScratchKabin.

  50. Our multicat home would love to check this one out! It looks like a funhouse for felines! A great place to hide themselves, stalk others coming by, and feeling very SUPERIOR all snuggled up inside there on the nice soft blanket material. I would love to see how our cats all compete to take residence in this one! awesome!

    We would like the ScratchKabin in the Cocoa color if we were blessed enough to win one!!
    The scratcher on top would add more excitement as one kitty is inside and the other mate would be having fun scratching away on top and stirring up the one inside! LOL

  51. My kitty would love to win the ScratchKabin! It would give a a special place all her own! thanks!

  52. I would love to win either the ScratchKabin or the KatKabin as we have inherited my sons cat, who he got at 3 weeks old from our local shelter, and at three years old is not used to being social and he loves to hide in corners-I think t either the ScratchKabin or KatKabin would help him feel more secure at our house as well as giving him a place to hide upstairs with the family instead of in the basement family room by himself.

  53. I would like to win a ScratchKabin – I recently discovered that my Gracie loves to hide inside things. I adopted her about two months ago – she is two yrs old and full of sass!

  54. Gosh too win one of these would be wonderful.. I have 6 rescue cats.. two are still kittens.. but I love them all the same.. they are so playful.. but they scratch up my couch and I have tape now all over the arms and the sides too prevent this… to win a katKabin would be great at this time.. sure cant go out and just buy one.. not with the way prices are lately. my cats love too jump , climb and run and just be kids I guess.. so too give them something new too play in besides cardboard boxes.. how cool.. and they would think I was the best mom in the world..

  55. My five cats love to play hide ‘n seek and chase each other, so winning a KatKabin would provide them with a wonderful new place to hide and also snuggle in and scratch on. I know they’d love a SkratchKabin (so would I!), and it would get lots and lots of use here 🙂 Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one!

  56. …’Dad, Dad, Dad…hurry up…come see…can I have this Kat Kabin???huh, huh?? Purlease!!???…let’s go to the store NOW Dad”…purr purrrpurrr leg rub, purrrr

  57. I would like to win the SkratchKabin for Yoshi. It would be great for him because he would have a place to call his own and he could scratch on it too.

  58. We’d love to win the SkratchKabin! We’re really good at sharing most of the time, but we’d like to each have a place we could call our own and the SkratchKabin looks like the purrfect solution.

    Truffle and Brulee
    [email protected]

  59. the scratch cabin looks like a wonderful hideout for our Kitty. He is not a big fan of regular cat beds and prefers more secluded places
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  60. Prissy would love a katkabin for she recently lost her beloved litter mate and her mother wants to spoil her in her time of grief. She would love a place to chill.

  61. Our 9 kitties would LOVE to win a SkratchKabin! They love being able to get into hiding places away from their siblings now and then. I’m just starting a “remodel” of a walk in closet that I’m making into a cat play area. It would be wonderful to have such a fun place for them to hide in, climb on, and scratch away at. The ScratchKabin would be a delightful addition to their new play area! Thanks for such a great give away opportunity!

  62. My kitties would LOVE the SkratchKabin! A place to nap, something to scratch besides my favorite chair – it’s win/win!

  63. I would love to have a ScratchKabin in my home. I have seven full time feline residents and always a couple more living here until they find their forever homes. More scratching surfaces and bed/hiding spots is always helpful to keep everyone happy especially the passers through who have been horribly abused and are here for rehabilitation so that they can live happy lives in new forever homes. This seems like a wonderful product and I would love the opportunity to use it for my fur babies.

  64. I would like to win the SkratchKabin for my best friend, Smokey the Cat. He’s an indoor boy, and he’s never had a “house” or “bed” of his own, but instead has always just shared mine with me. I would love to see his reaction and enjoyment of this great product!

  65. I love the KatKabin design, and I particularly like the new ScratchKabin. With 14 rescued kitties in my care, I can use all the scratching surfaces & hiding places I can get. We’d all appreciate one of these.

  66. I’d love to win the SkratchKabin so I could have a place for my fosters to hide and scratch. It would be a great furniture addition to my foster cat room!

  67. my cats have trashed my sofa, so that’s why i need it. watching ruby and allegra tells me i must choose the scratchkabin.

  68. I would love to win the KatKabin. My two best friends would definitely love to hide away within these walls. How great it would be!

  69. Shared on FB:
    Thank you again for the chance to win!

  70. Tweeted the giveaway:
    Thank you again for the chance to win!

  71. I would love to win a ScratchKabin for my cats. I have two and they are sisters. I rescued them from a shelter where they had already been for about 8 months. They have been with me for 3 almost 4 years and I couldn’t imagine not going home to them every night. They are my furry children :)! Thank you very much for the chance to win! 🙂

  72. I would love to win the ScratchKabin for my two rescued babies because they deserve the best of everything…unfortunately, Mommy can’t afford the best.

  73. I know these lil monster would love a KatKabin! I have a small out of pocket rescue and it would be a nice hideaway for those a little less than social with the other kitties!

  74. I’d love to win a ScratchKabin for my two cats, who love hiding inside boxes and towers. One of them, a tortie like Allegra, is a vertical scratcher–she’d love the outside of the ScratchKabin. 🙂

  75. We love out our KatKabin and did our own giveaway at Cat Wisdom 101 as you know, but will enter for the chance donate it to our favorite shelter.

    This is my FB URL – I shared your post about the giveaway… not sure how to get the URL for that FB post…

  77. Would love to win the ScratchKat Kabin for my 5 girls! They would love it!!! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  78. and my facebook promo, with a note to my niece that she needs one!

  79. Leonardo would like me to win the ScratchKabin for him because really you just can’t have enough scratching surfaces in life.

  80. Cody would LOVE to win the ScratchKabin because when he was neutered he wore a collar, we called him “Space Boy” and the ScratchKabin looks like it would be his space ship!!! lol. Great give-away!!!

  81. If I won, I would want the KatKabin, as I want the possibility to use it outdoors. My kitties sometimes end up spending long hours outdoors when our busses are running late. This wonderful product would help keep them comfortable!

    I love the idea of ScratchKabin, and I know many kitties would get great use out of it!

  82. Oh my! I would So love this! I have 12–yes 12 rescue kitties. I have a couple that are not as socially accepting as others and this looks like it would be a perfect spot for one of them–Luna Girl.

    I think the indoor one would fit best.

    Thanks from: Myst, Bug, Luna Girl, Jynx, Simon, Mango, Emily, George, Henry, Neko, Creepy, and II (eye-eye–short for eyeballs–a rather unfortunate nickname for a tiny , tiny full grown girl that is only 2 pounds)

  83. Awww…how awesome is that! My big ole Eddie, the skittish Maine Coon, has run out of places to hide from the two female felines at my house. How cool it would be if he could hang out in the ScratchKabin! Plus, he is the only cat that regularly uses his sisal post to sharpen his claws. He would love this so much.

  84. I have four indoor kitty who love scratch horizontal surfaces – they would love the ScratchKabin!

    • oops – I forgot to change my email address! It was hacked last week – so here’s a post with my new addy.

  85. Loved the KatKabin the first time we saw one, but they have really done a nice job offering it in a ScratchKabin model. One can never have too many things to scratch on! We would love to win either, but since we have a choice, we pick the ScratchKabin.

  86. Please enter us in the contest. The boys would like the KatKabin because it has ears on each end, so they could each park themselves at opposite ends and be comfortable.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  87. My kitties would love the ScratchKabin! They love enclosed areas like this to sleep as well as to play attack each other from. Plus another thing to scratch is always wonderful.

  88. I would really truly love to win
    My very own SkratchKabin™
    A scratchable house and cozy bed
    Where I can lay my pretty head.

    Mama might toss me out the door
    If I tear up her carpets anymore
    Please save me from that horrible fate
    Save me soon before it’s too late!

    Besides all that I’d really enjoy
    Playing with that removable toy
    What more could I wish for than a new cat house
    complete with my very own sisal mouse!

  89. I would love the ScratchKabin. With three kitties and a small space they are always looking for new places to hide, this would be fantastic!

  90. I think my kitties would really like the Scratch Kabin! They all are very curious and love to hide and play in boxes. And of course, if Ruby and Allegra approve, it must be a very good product! Thanks for a chance to win!

  91. Ooh such a nice kitty haven….would love for Abby to have this to play in …..she MUST sleep with me ; )

  92. Posted to Facebook!

    Tweeted: I hope we win! Review and giveaway: Enter to win a KatKabin cat house

  93. I would love to have the Scratch Cabin for my cats. Just one time, I would like for them to get their very own bed/cabin/hiding place instead of always using the dog’s beds! Albeit funny when my dogs go to get in their bed, and unbeknownst to them, there is a “furry surprise” hidden under the blankies when they jump in!

  94. My mum would say there is such a thing as “too many” things for my cats. I, however, do not agree! I think the kitters would love the Scratch Kabin-more things to scratch on that are appropriate, the happier they are 🙂

  95. Please enter me in the drawing. If I win I would like the Scratch Kabin. Since Montana is an indoor only guy, we like to provide him with as many “appropriate”scratching surfaces as possible. By the way, thanks for giving away such a nifty product! I love the fact that it’s so functional and it looks like a cat!!!

  96. I would love to win this KatKabin for Princess and Queenie. They both love sleeping in enclosed and protected spots. The fact they can scratch this too is an added bonus as I can never have enough scratching surfaces for them. The fact one cat can hide in it and jump the other cat is a plus too as my cats love to play, I will post this on my Facebook and Twitter pages too, Thanks for another great giveaway Ingrid.

  97. I would love to win the ScratchKabin for my little bengal. She loves to hide and scratch so this is perfect for her.

  98. Our Facebook link is
    Thanks for doing this. Glad the girls got to try it out.

  99. I would love to win the KatKabin! I have four cats who are all constantly looking for new hiding spots 🙂

  100. We would love to win the Kabin since as you know we have at least 15 cats that live outside and at least one of them would have a snuggly place to get in. They do have two barns and some other home made houses. Off to tweet and Facebook.

  101. My cat Lucky Meow would love this ! He’s always trying to find something to curl up in ! Please enter him in your drawing, thank you !

  102. Good morning! I would LOVE to win a KatKabin cat house for outdoor use – I have two indoor cats who are extremely territorial. Over the last few years we’ve had a stray cat come around each winter and my cats will practically throw themselves against the storm doors when they see her/him. Unfortunately, “kitty” as we call him/her has been coming around even now that it’s June. I tried to build something makeshift from a plastic storage container to put under my deck (where “kitty” hides) but I don’t think Kitty likes it. Something like this might be just what Kitty needs to be comfortable. Kitty appears healthy, I only have one neighbor (I’m on 5 acres of property in the woods) and they don’t have a cat. Something like this might provide a winter home for Kitty.

  103. Vir says he would love a ScratchKabin because his nasty mommy put the ratty loveseat he’s scratched on since he was a kitten in the trash last week and all he has now is pathetic old cardboard. He will be 1 year old on July 1st and thinks it would be the perfect birthday present to a Very Good Boy.

  104. Would love to win because my cat Louie would love this, he loves scratching posts (he has one that looks like a wild animal attacked it) and it great at not using the couch, sometimes he tries to use the wicker hamper but only when he has forgotten he isn’t supposed to, or so I like to think. On that note I would want the ScratchKabin™

  105. I try to provide for many cats in my house and a backyard shelter set-up. The scratching surfaces are essentials, and a cozy special place would be prime real estate around here!

  106. I tweeted this to get an extra entry

  107. I would like to win the KatKabin… my cats love cozy hiding places where they can relax away from our puppy

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