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You’ve probably seen them online: cats who hike, camp, rock climb and surf. They seem to be fearless and accompany their adventure loving humans everywhere. As someone whose idea of camping is the closest Holiday Inn, I can’t quite relate to what appears to be a hot new trend, and I know Allegra and Ruby would not make good adventure cats (although Ruby disagrees with my assessment.)

If you’ve ever wondered about whether your cat would be suited to the Adventure Cat lifestyle, a new book, Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives to the Fullest, will tell you everything you need to know about this way of life.

Neva Masquerade Cat on Leash hiking outdoors
Image Credit: Alina Lucia, Shutterstock

In addition to stunning photographs of cats in outdoor settings, the book covers

  • how to determine whether your cat would be suited to be an adventure cat
  • the basics of leash training
  • safety aspects of taking your cat into the great outdoors
  • hiking and camping with cats
  • surfing, sailing and swimming with cats
  • winter adventures with cats
  • having outdoor adventures with your cat closer to home
Hiking with cat outdoors
Image Credit: Creative Cat Studio, Shutterstock

I love that the book not only introduces to reader to some adventurous kitties, but gets into the nuts and bolts of how to take your cat along on outdoor activities while keeping her safe and happy.

Adventure Cats is available from Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

Would your cats be suited to be adventure cats?

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8 Comments on Review – Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives to the Fullest

  1. my problem with this is i a fear people will not be responsible and try to force their cat to do things she’s not ready for…my experience with cats is they’re mostly timid and homebodies…

    • I wonder whether there’s a higher percentage of torties among adventure cats, William… 😉

  2. Perfect timing! I was just doing research on a harness for my cat, Peanut. This article linked me to the review of harnesses and I ordered one last night!!

  3. My biggest problem with becoming an adventure cat is… my human! Her idea of adventure is a 5-star hotel. I have to say, I don’t mind that because I do come along with her! So my adventures are a little more, um, urban.

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