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the cat's trapeze

When Kate Benjamin of Moderncat asked me whether I would like a Cat’s Trapeze for Allegra and Ruby, I was excited. I had visions of my two kittens flying through the air in an act rivaling anything Cirque du Soleil could put together.

Okay, no. It’s not that kind of trapeze. The Cat’s Trapeze is a unique product designed to provide active cats with an alternative to climbing the curtains and furniture. The sturdy cotton fabric withstands heavy use and the soft cushions provide a perfect place to nap.

The Cat’s Trapeze is available in two styles, the 2-pillow for $99.99 and the 3-pillow for $124.99. It is made from sturdy cotton. You will need to provide the stuffing for the cushions yourself. The trapeze cushions can be stuffed with throw pillows, or you can use newspapers, old towels or recycled clothes for an eco-friendly twist.

I wasn’t sure how my two would react to this. My guess was that Ruby would love it and use it as her personal jungle gym, but that Allegra would be skeptical.

The Cat’s Trapeze comes with detailed instructions on how to hang it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I chose to hang it from the back of a door, at least initially, to minimize movement. It can also be suspended from the ceiling. I used square pillows I had on hand to stuff  the platforms. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes to put everything together, and voila – we had a Cat’s Trapeze, ready for the girls to explore.

At first, they were both cautious. Not surprisingly, Ruby was the first to investigate. She clearly wanted to check things out, but didn’t trust herself to jump up on the trapeze, so I placed her on the lowest platform. She thought that was pretty cool, and proceeded to sniff everything out thoroughly. Allegra watched from across the room.

cat trapeze the cat's trapeze

It didn’t take long for Ruby to jump up on the trapeze on her own (the first time, I enticed her by throwing a toy onto one of the platforms). She hasn’t climbed from one platform to the other yet, but I think it will only be a matter of time for her to be brave enough to do so.

Allegra, on the other hand, remains skeptical.

I really like the Cat’s Trapeze, and I think the girls (well, definitely Ruby!) will come to love it in time, too. It’s a great solution for people who may not have the space for multiple cat trees. It’s versatile, since it combines activity and soft spots for napping. And it’s just plain fun, because it’s so different from anything else that’s out there to entertain cats.

For more information about the Cat’s Trapeze, and to order, please visit The Cat’s Trapeze website.

Do you think your cats would enjoy the Cat’s Trapeze?

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  1. It would probably work for one of my cats who loves to climb, but my older one would probably not go near it keeping that in mind, and the price, which I think is a bit steep, it’s not for me.

  2. That is a really cool idea! I like it. At this point in our guys’ lives, I doubt they’d go for it. They’re all old boys now (2 are 10, and 1 is 14) but I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for future kitties! I like the idea a lot!

  3. So cool! It looks comfy, luxurious and fun – all at the same time! I think both of my girls would love it, though one of them would definitely take the cautious Allegra approach at first.

  4. We know Odin would love this but he’s fearless. It would not be an option for Merlin with his limited vision or any cat who doesn’t like jumping on swaying objects. In his younger days, he would jump onto a hammock and enjoy swinging. This design has room for improvement like another color, but advantages like portability and it’s machine-washable?

    • I bet Odin would have a blast, Layla! See my response to Terri above re: additional colors and machine washability.

  5. Seems to me to have too many loops and straps to get tangled in, and with my cats being ‘oilier’ I think I wouldn’t be able to wash and clean it thoroughly enough, especially the straps which I know they would ‘cheek mark’ a lot.

  6. I think my cats — at least, Thomas and Dahlia, the younger ones — would enjoy it. I was very tempted to get one when I saw it at BlogPaws, because I like the way it hangs from the ceiling and it looks REALLY comfortable.

    In fact, I’d like to have a human trapeze like that. 🙂

  7. I have seen that on Kate’s blog….not sure about Cody he would be more like Allegra I think. I think it looks interesting though!

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