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You know how you sometimes cruise around the internet and all of a sudden you find something you instantly fall in love with? That was the case for me when I landed on the Perfect Pet Pals Etsy shop. Anne Zoet’s adorable custom creations just made me smile.

Anne creates fuzzy ornaments from photos of your cats. These faux fur ornaments include a silver heart tag with your kitty’s name and a waxed thread for hanging. Anne graciously agreed to make a mini Allegra for me.

Anne sent me a couple of photos of her initial draft, and then tweaked the design a little based on my feedback. And in case you’re wondering about the white spot, Allegra has a little swath of white fur low on her belly, something that usually doesn’t show in photos.


I was super excited when the little package arrived in the mail a week later and I have to tell you, mini Allegra is even cuter in “real  life” than she looks in the photos. She’s hanging off the bulletin board next to my desk now, where I can see her every day all day long, and looking at the cute little ornament just brings an instant feeling of happiness.


All ornaments include a metal name tag. Optional photo heart tags are also available, and you can choose whether you’d like the photo on the front or back of the tag.


Perfect Pet Pals make a purrfect gift for cat lovers!


To see more adorable Perfect Pet Pals, and to order your own, please visit Anne’s Etsy shop. You can also connect with Anne via her website or on Instagram.

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  1. These really are adorable. We bought some at Christmas time of beloved cats who are no longer with us and they added such a beautiful (and meaningful) touch to our tree.

    • Janine, I’ve been thinking about you. I’m hoping that the fact that you were able to comment means you have power and are warm?

      • Thank you for thinking of us. We are some of the lucky ones who’s power stayed on. But we are constantly on edge wondering when it will go out. I think our saving grace is the fact that we have a hospital right next to our neighborhood. My husband hasn’t been able to work all week and it’s looking like he may be home the rest of the week too. That means no paycheck. But at least he is home safe.

        • I’m glad to hear you’re safe and warm! Here’s hoping that your power will continue to stay on and your husband can return to work.

          • Thank you so much again! He’s still home again today. At least we are expected to have a slow raise in the temperatures, so all of the snow and ice should start melting over the weekend.

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