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Even though Allegra and Ruby sleep in my bed with me at night, they still like to have plenty of napping options elsewhere in the house during the day, and they were super excited when Peach Pet Provisions sent us their newest product, the Peach Pillow Bed. You may recognize the name Peach from a product we previously introduced you to, the Kitty Lounger, which has remained one of Allegra and Ruby’s favorite napping spots.

Super plush and super cozy

The new Peach Pillow Bed is a super plush and super cozy bed, which comes in four sizes to fit any cat or dog, from kittens all the way up to Great Danes. The machine washable cotton cover comes in 12 gorgeous designs. The substantial environmentally friendly filling is made from recycled plastic bottles. The bed is made in the US, and everything that goes into this bed is sourced here, too.

It’s REALLY big!

A well-thought out product

Georgia and Mike Barbush, the two humans behind Peach Pet Provisions, put a lot of thought, effort and love into this bed. With the help of their dog, Remy, and cats Linus and Schroeder, they spent many months developing and refining this bed. They wanted a product that all of their pets loved, but that was also pleasing to the human eye as well as practical. Once they had a prototype that was Remy, Linus and Schroeder approved, they worked with their contractors and suppliers to produce a trial run of 60 beds. After sending the samples to cats and dogs around the world and receiving enthusiastic feedback from pets and humans, they knew they were ready to produce this bed on a larger scale.

Our review of the Pet Pillow Bed

The first thing I loved about the bed is that when I took it out of the bag, it had absolutely no smell. There was none of the faint chemical smell that pet beds or pillows often have – there’s no need for off gassing with this pillow!

Allegra seemed a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the bed, but Ruby took to it immediately, and has claimed it as her go to napping spot. She’s such a tiny little cat that she looks a little bit like the princess on the pea on it!


A unique Kickstarter campaign that gives back to shelter pets

Since Georgia and Mike had invested their own money to fund the trial run, they decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the bed. They’re offering some pretty amazing perks, but they also offer something that I’ve never seen in any Kickstarter campaign: for every backer at every reward level, they are going to personally deliver a treat to a shelter pet, along with some Peach Pet swag for the shelter. They will make a video of their Treat Delivery Day to share details about the shelter and the adoptable animals, which they will share on all their social media channels, in hopes that this will help many animals find happy homes.

To learn more about the Peach Pillow Bed, and to see a wonderful video about the project, please visit Peach Pillow Bed’s Kickstarter page.

*FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review at no charge. I also received a fee for writing this review. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion. Or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest and unbiased opinion.

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  1. I am glad to hear that Allegra and Ruby approved. I had already participated in the Kickstarter campaign for the small pillow for my cats.

  2. This seems very well designed. I’m impressed that it lacks chemical smell, and donates to shelters, and that it was created by normal people.

  3. Love everything except the plastic bottle source for the filling, not that it isn’t a good thing to recycle, just not for my pets’ or my bedding…otherwise it looks to be a great product.

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