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Moving with Cats, via Private Charter Jet


There’s no question that moving with cats can be extremely stressful.  Cats are creatures of habit who hate having their routine disrupted. For some cats, a move is no big deal, but for most cats, the upheaval associated with a move and the logistics of getting them from point A to point B can result in extreme stress.Continue Reading

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Are Laser Toys Safe for Cats?


Some cats go wild for laser toys, chasing the little red dot around the house, up and down furniture, and, in Ruby’s case, even up walls. Well, she tried, anyway. Allegra will chase any reflection of light, even if it’s just the sun reflecting off my phone on the wall, so a laser pointer is definitely a hit with her.

But are laser toys really such a good idea to use with cats? And more importantly, are they safe?Continue Reading

Mews and Nips: Missing Cat Found After His Human Recognized His Meow During Phone Call to Her Vet


A cat missing for eight months in Braintree, Essex in the UK was reunited with his family after his human recognized his meow while she was on the phone with her vet talking about one of her other cats. She was told the cat was a stray, but called back later and asked for details as “it was bugging me”, she told MailOnline. Barnaby was microchipped before he went missing, but his human questions whether the chip was inserted properly. For more on this story, visit

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap:Continue Reading

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Review: How to Pet a Cat


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We’ve all had that experience: you’re petting your cat, enjoying mutual moments of bliss. Until you don’t, because your feline friend has decided that you’re doing it wrong. In How to Pet a Cat, artist and illustrator Angela Staehling offers super cute instructions and diagrams to help you better understand your feline charges and learn how to pet them properly.Continue Reading

Your Cat’s DNA Can Help Scientists Better Understand Feline Diabetes


This is a sponsored guest post by Carolina Gonzales, R&D Coordinator at Basepaws*

Did you know that diabetes in cats has increased by 18% over the past ten years, and one out of every 230 cats is affected by feline diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot properly produce or respond to the hormone insulin. This results in elevated levels of the sugar glucose, which is the body’s main source of energy. Continue Reading