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We previously wrote about the devastating rise in suicide rates among veterinarians. Most cat parents have no idea that the compassionate and smiling person who cares for your cat is at a higher than normal risk of suicide. A 2019 study analyzing 10,000 veterinarian deaths found that 1 in 6 veterinarians have considered suicide.

Not One More Vet Documentary

A new documentary hopes to shed light on the issue by telling a story around several dramatic arcs: the mental health researchers and professionals aiming to help stop this crisis, the Not One More Vet organization, the family of a veterinarian who took their own life, a veterinarian who considered suicide, veterinary students who struggle with the stresses of graduation and placement specialization, and veterinarians and vet techs who are currently working in the field. This documentary hopes to inform and educate the public about the devastating rise in suicide rates among veterinarians today and be a call to action to help prevent further loss of life in this profession.

Director and producer Marie Barnas has raised $20k in grants and personal funds to create a trailer that showcases the goal of making a completed feature length documentary. She has an excellent team in place that is driven to complete the film and bring this topic to the general population. She wants to get this film in major top-tier festivals and on streaming services in hopes to create effective change within our society for those who help us everyday with our beloved pets.

How you can help

Marie Barnas has created a GoFundMe page to raise the remaining money necessary for completion of the project. This is a passion project for the entire team, and they are doing everything they can to save money without losing production value. The majority of funds in this campaign will cover the cost of production . Any funds that exceed the $150k goal of this campaign will go towards post-production costs, film coloring, sound editing and mixing.

For more information and to donate, please visit the project’s GoFundMe page.

About Not One More Vet

Not One More Vet is a non-profit organization that started out as a private facebook group created by CEO Dr. Nicole McArthur after world-renowned veterinarian Dr. Sophia Yin took her own life. Her 2014 death shook the veterinary community and brought the longstanding problem out of the shadows.

Not One More Vet’s mission is to provide support to every single veterinary professional so that the world doesn’t lose one more. They provide online peer support as well as education.

The site offers a comprehensive set of resources, including suicide hotlines, and most importantly, an online community for veterinarians and support staff.

For more information, please visit

5 Comments on Not One More Vet Documentary Aims to Raise Awareness of Suicide Among Veterinarians

  1. I have been glad to be able to donate. This is true here in Australia as well. The vets are under stress due to lockdown, and people don’t realise that, unlike doctors, vets do not get any funding from the government. We need to support and appreciate the caring vets who look after us and our beloved pets.

  2. The video made me cry. If I could do it, this would be the organization I would send money too. My vet posted about Not One More Vet last year and it really was a wake up call.

  3. This is such an important topic. I can only imagine how difficult the dynamics of the job are to the mind and my heart goes out to all in the veterinary field. I get overwhelmed just looking at all the posts on social media every day, with people sharing very sad or bad news. I was also a volunteer at a veterinary office when I was a young girl and I could only handle it for a few weeks – what I saw was too painful for me to process and I hope this documentary will help.

    Warm Purrs – Deb and the Zee/Zoey Gang

  4. Hi, Ingrid. This is so timely. A friend’s vet took his life last week. Being a neighbor to her vet, my friend heard the gunshot at 7:03 Monday morning. May I share your article about this documentary with her?

    • Oh my God, Debbie, how awful. Yes, please share this article with your friend, and share it widely with others, too.

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