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I love it when shelters get creative to encourage adoptions. The New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter in Indiana will be hosting a “Total Eclipse of the Cat” event on August 21. Adoption fees for all black cats will be waived that day. Black cats are often overlooked. Visit WLKY Lousiville, KY for more on this story.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Monday, cat behaviorist Dr. Mikel Delgado answered your questions, on Tuesday, a veterinarian talked to us about how she uses the Assisi Loop to help her patients, on Wednesday, we told you how your handmade knits can help shelter cats, on Thursday, we reviewed a number of Evercare products that help with cat hair removal, and on Friday, we reviewed The Book of the Cat: Cats in Art.

Today’s video features Grandpa Mason and his foster kittens. This former feral senior cat found a new lease on life when he “adopted” a group of foster kittens. Isn’t this a wonderful family portrait? (If you’re reading this in your email program, you may need to click through to our website. Not all email programs support embedded video.)

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  1. I love that title: “Total Eclipse of the Cat”! I hope the New Albany event is very successful & the chat noirs find loving, furrever homes!

  2. I think it’s a area idea what the shelter is doing to help black cats. I enjoyed Grandpa Mason’s story too. I have been following TinyKittens rescue on Facebook for a while and they are so good with their rescues.

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