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Have you ever wondered why so many cats have white “socks?” This pattern is not seen in wild cats, and, as it turns out, the pattern dates back 10,000 years to when cats first became domesticated, and is a result of genetic mutations, domestication and developmental biology. For more about the fascinating origins of white paws, visit

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Sunday, we kicked off our month long 11th anniversary celebration with a big giveaway, on Monday, we explained why chronic vomiting is not normal, on Tuesday, we featured a new take on the popular ball and track toy, on Wednesday, we ran the second part in my Ruby’s Last Journey series, focusing on the practical applications of hospice care, on Thursday, we featured the Zen Clipper nail trimmer, and on Friday, we published Dr. Ingrid Niesman’s article Cats Are Not Small Dogs: Don’t Panic About COVID-19 Just Yet, a scientific assessment of what we know right now about cats and the new coronavirus. Also on Friday, we reviewed Moon Diamonds.

Have you ever watched your cat prior to making a long or high jump? You can just see the wheels turning, can’t you? The kitty in today’s video takes this to a whole new level!

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Featured Image Credit: Perkons, Pixabay

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