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Eating grass and plants is a relatively common behavior for cats, but theories as to why they do this vary widely. After interviewing more than 1,000 cat parents, researchers at UC Davis suggested that eating plants is instinctual and comes with an evolutionary benefit to felines. Their theory, as reported at the annual convention of the International Society for Applied Ethology in Bergen, Norway, is that eating grass helps animals expel intestinal parasites by increasing muscle activity in the digestive tract. For more about the study, visit Science Magazine.

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The clever kitty in today’s video figured out how to drink from a water cooler. I suppose it’s better than having to leave a faucet on for your cats all day long (raise your hand in a comment if you do this!)

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  1. That’s an interesting theory why cats eat grass. I always wondered why they liked it so much. The kitty drinking the water looks just like my Kiki.

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