For the past week, fans of Stepan, a 13-year-old black-and-brown-striped rescue cat based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, have been worried about his fate after his Instagram and TikTok accounts went quiet on March 3. This past Wednesday, nearly two weeks later, Stepan’s more than 1 million followers breathed a collective sigh of relief: he was safe and in France. For more about Stephan’s escape from Ukraine, visit the Washington Post.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Monday, we featured Pele, who has been using the Assisi Loop to help with arthritis and an old injury, on Tuesday, we provided tips on how to choose a pet insurance plan, on Wednesday,I shared information on how you can support artists in Ukraine, on Thursday, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and on Friday, I shared a memory of how Ruby and Allegra helped me prepare my taxes.

I recently was reminded of this video when I walked away from the open bathroom cabinet for a minute, and Allegra promptly stole a Q-tip. She hasn’t done this in quite some time, so of course, I had to find the video and share it with you. The video was taken about a week after Allegra came home with me. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Photo via Stephan’s Instagram

13 Comments on Mews and Nips: Ukraine’s Most Famous Cat Safe in France

  1. I’m glad to hear that Stepan is safe. I wish for safety for all of the animals in Ukraine and for the people who are caring for them.

  2. Stepan is finally safe! Thank goodness, but there are probably many more pets just roaming around Ukraine. With nothing to eat and drink, and no shelter, many will perish. Very, very sad. To move on to the famous Q Tip Napper, Ms Allegra; what’s going on. Does she chew on them or stash them away? Oh well, all of us behold weird crazy quirks.

  3. (tried to post this but it’s not showing up – delete if it’s duplicated) Stepan is a Mackerel! And I apologize to all the stripey-stripey kitties for the mispelling!)

  4. I’m not surprised the WP reporter called Stepan a “black and brown” cat, but shouldn’t we be calling him a tabby? His photos are mostly of his face and front, so I don’t know if he’s a “classic” or a “mackeral” but there’s no doubt Tabby is a better description of him than “black and brown.” Thanks for sharing! – this is such a nice story among all the terrifying ones and I didn’t know about Stepan before this.

    • I just had to find more photos – he’s a Mackerel !! (sorry about the mispelling earlier, Stepan and all the stripey-stripey tabbies out there)

  5. I have been watching news videos and it’s become clear to me the Ukrainians are animal lovers. Many many people evacuating carried along a cat or dog. Even dogs large enough to surprise me were carried over water. I saw some news shots of shelled apartment buildings where the whole street was ravaged. And saw large dogs walking down the middle of the street. Briefly, I worried about where they might find water and food. Just as I remembered, the soldiers are there, I saw a photo of a soldier in full gear petting a dog.

  6. Thank goodness Stepan is out of Ukraine & I hope all or most of the other animals have been taken to safety too. It is just sicking as to what the people of Ukraine are having to endure & have their lives all destroyed because of Putin & his sick people that follow him & believe what he is doing. That would never to be allowed in my country. Thank you for helping.

  7. I forgot to add I love the video of Allegra. It’s funny that cats sometimes seem to enjoy more things we don’t buy for them.

  8. I had never heard of Stepan before so I will check Facebook. I’m so glad they made it safely to France Such a horrible situation unfolding in Ukraine and so many killed or hurt including many animals. It is devastating and so unnecessary. I was there in 1972 when it was one of 16 Republics in the Soviet Union but my memories are very blurred now as it was so long ago and I was young.

  9. How many more Stepan’s are out there in Ukraine? I hope they all stay safe and fed. I’m surprised Allegra only took 1 Q-tip. She sure has fun with it. Sometimes the cheapest things make the best toys!

  10. I’m glad to hear Stepan is safe now. I have a catlady friend on Facebook who lives in in Ukraine and she is trying to evacuate her area now. The video of Allegra is cute. Lulu loves Q-tips too. She will grab one and take off running with it.

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