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There is some good news in the middle of all the terrifying, awful updates – you just have to look for it. One aspect of this pandemic that I find particularly heartening is that pet adoptions and fosters have increased tremendously while people are staying home, in some cases, even clearing out some shelters. Vox contributor Rebecca Jennings shares her experience of adopting a shy cat in Brooklyn. Next week, we’ll have a report from a Washington DC area based rescue group about how they handle contactless adoptions.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Sunday, I offered some suggestions on how to stay grounded, on Monday, we told you how to keep your cat’s immune system strong, on Tuesday, we shared Olive & Rye’s gorgeous cat art, on Wednesday, Sarah Chauncey offered some help on how to cope if your cat dies during COVID-19, and on Friday, we featured the second part in Dr. Niesman’s series on caring for the community campus cats at San Diego State University during the pandemic. And don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win an Assisi Loop!

Today’s video offers a little bit of sweetness in the middle of so much stress and anxiety – enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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7 Comments on Mews and Nips: Pet Adoptions and Fosters Are Way Up During the Pandemic

  1. i think this is wonderful, however, i worry when things open back up, if any of the pets will be abandoned or given back. i know many pets are going to have separation anxiety, not cats so much, but dogs. however, i know that many of the shelters are empty, which i think is wonderful. many of the shelters were trying to get as many adopted, because some were closing during this crisis and no one be available to take care of the pets.

  2. I hope that Rebecca is patient with her new cat Hubert. It took me several months before I was completely comfortable with my latest adopted cat. But now we are the best of buddies and I can’t imagine life without him!

  3. Thank you for the Hertzko slicker brush recommendation. Frank loves it and will get brushed longer.

    Good call.

  4. Ingrid,

    That is great that adoptions and fosters are up. But… what of it after the pandemic? Will the cats and the kittens be abandon and or abused? !!

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish, Nancy

    • I’m always taken aback how many people immediately jump to negative assumptions about what happens to these animals after people start going back to work. Rescue groups and shelters are screening adopters and fosters as best as they can during these challenging times, and I’d like to think that perhaps this will actually result in more streamlined and easier adoptions going forward.

  5. That is wonderful that there are less animals in the shelters. One of my friends said someone dumped a kitten in the parking lot of her apartment building and she couldn’t keep it, so she took it to the shelter (they recently became no-kill). She was surprised when she learned there were no animals in the shelter at the time.

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