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Pearl, a somewhat grumpy looking cat in Thailand, won’t let anyone get away with tasting a delicious watermelon without paying for it first! Pearl has been guarding a watermelon stand for six years. Despite his intense glare, his human says he’s one of the sweetest boys in the village. Visit Bored Panda for more wonderful photos of Pearl on the job and enjoy the video below of Pearl on his way to work.

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As promised, here’s the video of Pearl on his way to his shift at the watermelon stand – enjoy!

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3 Comments on Mews and Nips: Pearl the Cat is in Charge of a Watermelon Farm

  1. Pearl does look somewhat grumpy, but I bet Pearl wouldn’t allow anyone to thief a water
    melon. Good, guard cat, Pearl!

  2. What a calm cat, sitting so nicely in the red chair and watching the changing scenery. My cats would’ve been off that vehicle the second it got moving.

    Love the way the cat’s green eyes match the watermelons, and the possessive way he puts his paw on a watermelon, letting anyone know it’s his territory.

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