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A recent study at the University of Belfast found that female cats are much more likely to use their right paw than males. The 44 cats in the study were observed by their guardians, who kept track of which paw their cats favored for every day tasks like walking up and down the stairs and batting at toys. The majority of cats showed a paw preference when reaching for food (73%), stepping down (70%) and stepping over (66%,) and their preference for right and left was consistent for the majority of the tasks. For more about the study and the results, visit the Queens University of Belfast website.

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Today’s video made me laugh out loud. Apparently, humans aren’t the only ones who won’t let go of their phones!

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8 Comments on Mews and Nips: Is Your Cat Right or Left-Pawed?

  1. Thank you for posting this about right-pawed versus left-pawed. Rosco, my yellow tabby caretaker, is left-pawed. He opens the door with his left paw, scratches in his litter with his left paw, and so on. I also had two female cats, Tina and Lilith. Tina was left-pawed, but Lilith was right-pawed.

    Coincidentally, I am also left-pawed — er, handed.

    Lilith and Tina are now at The Rainbow Bridge. Rosco is still — Hey, that’s mine! No! Gimmebackit! (haha)

    Rosco (Yellow Tabby Caretaker)
    Debby (Cat Staff & Typist)

  2. I do notice my male tuxsedo cat, Zeus, taps my hand with no claws out with his left paw before he jumps on my lap.

  3. I do know my tuxsedo marked male cat, named Zeus puts his left paw out to my hand before he jumps on me.

  4. My female mostly leads with her right paw. The male, when lying down, puts his left paw over his right. But he does go with his right paw as well. So ambidextrous?

  5. My RIP cat was a male cat he was a lefty, & went to a key West & w/ stopped @ a Souvenir shop & lo & behold their was a left handed pen I should have bought it, me & my Husband LOL my cat I have now is a female & she’s a righty. I showed this e mail to my Husband & we are amazed that we thought of this many yrs ago. Thx 4 sharing!

  6. Hmmm, interesting. I”ll have to watch to see which I favor. I know when it comes to swatting at string, batting around my ball and taking swipes at dad I use both.

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