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If you’ve ever watched your cat starting at something that doesn’t seem to be there, you might have wondered whether cats see things that we can’t. We know cats’ senses are more developed than humans’, so perhaps it’s not such a stretch to ask this question. Just in time for Halloween, Jackson Galaxy talked to Yahoo!Life about this topic. “”If you believe in the spirit world, as I do, then it’s much easier to take the leap that your cats are experiencing something in a realm that’s beyond the physical, rather than just staring at a blank spot on a wall,” he says. For more about what Jackson had to say, visit

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In keeping with your theme, enjoy today’s video of a kitty watching a scary movie!

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  1. Cats, birds and all creatures can see beyond the realm of what most of us humans can see, although there are some humans who experience a second sight, and I’m one of them. It can be nerve racking, but it can be fascinating, it’s just what you’re seeing and what time you’re seeing it. However, the majority of my animals gained sight of things not present in my home. And my CAGP sees and talks to people and animals that’ve passed on and occasionally decide to drop by for a visit. When my last Ragdoll cat died my bird and myself experienced Mr. Lucky Leo coming by quite often, and he still does and we’re very receiving of his visits. All animals and humans have the sight, us humans just have to learn to accept that.

  2. I absolutely loved that video! That cat is a riot and so absorbed! I have one cat, Darla, who can sit somewhere and stare at what appears to be nothing for the longest time. My feeling is she is deep in thought. I don’t particularly believe in ghosts.

  3. No ghosts. When you see a cat like this, his mind is inrapt contemplation of the thought of the thought of the thought of his name.

  4. I don’t watch horror movies. There’s enough that happens in real life day to day. That poor cat got so Freaked Out, poor thing. I do believe that cats can see ghosts.

  5. I really do believe cats can see ghosts. They are able to sense other things that we can’t, so why not ghosts.

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