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Jackson Galaxy is a busy man these days. He just finished recording the audio version of his upcoming book, Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean. He’s gearing up for a book tour to promote the book, which will come out on May 10, and he is currently shooting the first of ten new episodes for Season Three of his wildly successful Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell.

I managed to catch up with Jackson last week while he was on the set of My Cat From Hell. We chatted a little about his busy life, and his book, but what I really wanted to talk to him about was cats. His own cats. Who are the felines he goes home to each night? Do they have behavioral problems, or are the Cat Daddy’s fur children problem-free?

Jackson shares his life with four cats.


Velouria is the grande dame of the family; she is somewhere between 18 and 20 years old. Velouria came into Jackson’s life when he was working at a shelter. He had just lost his beloved boy Grolsch, who was rescued from a barn in Iowa in the middle of a blizzard, to FIP. One day, someone left a box with two kittens outside the shelter’s door. One of the kittens looked just like Grolsch.

“No way,” said Jackson. “I didn’t want to adopt a kitten. That’s just not a cool thing to do when you work at a shelter, and there are all these older cats looking for homes.” But Velouria reminded him so much of Grolsch that he realized that resistance was futile. When he adopted her, he thought she was a kitten, but she was actually somewhere between one and three years old. She was, and still is, tiny, weighing in at barely six pounds. Despite her advanced age, she’s still full of energy and runs laps around the house.

Editor’s note: Velouria passed away in February of 2018. Read our tribute here


Chips, also known as Chippie or Chuppie, is seventeen. She was part of a litter of kittens thrown out of a car in a garbage bag. A friend of Jackson’s saw what happened and rescued the kittens. Chips is a somewhat solitary cat. She’s a little wary, and very reactive. “She will kick your butt,” said Jackson, “but she always comes right back.” She loves Jackson to a degree that he almost preferred she didn’t. She has a unique way of showing her love for him: she will wake him up in the middle of the night by biting his lip. When he opens his mouth, she sticks her entire head inside.


Zeke is the only male cat in the group. At six years and weighing close to twenty pounds, he’s not only physically imposing, he’s the bully of the family and has to be kept separate from the other cats. He grew up with dogs, and he acts and plays more like a dog than a cat. “He’s been my template on how to work with bullies,” says Jackson.


At three years old, Caroline is the youngest of the group. She was one of a litter of kittens fostered by a friend, who sent Jackson photos of Caroline via Facebook. He really didn’t want another cat, so he said no. Eventually, all the other kittens in the litter were adopted. His friend sent one last picture. “Just come and take a look,” she said. So he did. He scooped Caroline up, she started purring in his arms, and it was all over.

“I just adore her,” says Jackson. She is a shy cat, and her first reaction to anything is to retreat. “She is proof positive that if you give a cat room to grow and breathe, she will thrive,” says Jackson. He used his famous challenge line concept with her. The challenge line is the line between allowing cats to hide where they feel safe, and challenging them to move out of their comfort zone in order to give them a richer life. Caroline bottomed out after Jackson’s recent move to a new home. She was scared and retreated again. He stepped up his challenge line work with her, and eventually, she leveled out again.


Jackson’s house is every cat’s dream home. “Catified” by Kate Benjamin of Moderncat, the home’s main feature is a “cat superhighway” of cat shelves at multiple levels with “on and off ramps” to allow the cats to access their favorite perches without any kitty traffic jams. It took three months before all the cats discovered and used the shelves. Jackson always tells cat guardians to give it time when they make changes to a cat’s environment and not to expect instant feline acceptance. Once again, his own cats provided the living lab, and proof that his methods work. 

There’s one more member of Jackson’s family that may come as a bit of a surprise to Cat Daddy fans.


Jackson is “bi-petual” – his furry family is rounded out by Rudy, a female Jack Russell/Beagle mix. I teased Jackson about picking a Jack Russell of all things (the breed is not known to be friendly toward cats). “Oh no,” said Jackson. “She picked me.”

Rudy was found wandering down the middle of a very busy street on Christmas Eve two years ago. Covered in motor oil, intact, with ingrown toe nails and in horrible shape overall, this little dog looked like she had reached the end of the line. “I didn’t even want to do due diligence with her and try to find out if she belonged to someone,” says Jackson. “I just figured let her keep running from whatever she was running from.” He agreed to foster her and had no intentions of keeping her. Rather than naming her, he called her “little dog.” She became the classic failed foster. “After a month of torturing the cats, and the cats torturing her in return, everyone settled down,” said Jackson.

Rudy has a very strange relationship with Chips. They act like herding dogs with each other. Rudy keeps Chips in check, often scruffing her neck and holding her down. Chip will hiss and run, but then come right back and head butt Rudy. According to Jackson, “they can keep going like that for hours.”

I asked Jackson to tell me one favorite thing about each of his five fur kids. These were his answers:

On Velouria: “Her resilience. She’s shown me how to teach others that a cat can change and go from victim to being an amazing, confident cat.”

On Chips: “I love all the things about her that annoy me!”

On Zeke: “The combination of dog cat that he is.”

On Caroline: “I love that she trusts me 100% even though it goes against every fiber of her being.”

On Rudy: “Rudy is a reminder that dog mojo is an important thing to have in your life. It’s a balance of cat love and dog love. “

Jackson went on to say: “When I’m away from home, I miss my dog so bad that it hurts. I miss my cats, too, but cats represent the home. Dogs represent the home outside the home.”

Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, has been reading about, writing about and working hands-on with cats for 15 years. For more information, please visit Jackson’s website. Jackson’s first book, Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean, is available for pre-order. For every copy of Cat Daddy pre-ordered before May 10, 2012, Tarcher-Penguin will donate $1.00 to help homeless cats cared for by Neighborhood Cats, Best Friends Animal Society and Stray Cat Alliance. To make your pre-order count, simply e-mail your receipt (or a photo/scan of your receipt) to [email protected].

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  1. Jackson, I think we are related. I’m adopted too. I live in Thornton, Colorado. I was born at Denver General Hospital. I was raised in Aurora, Colorado. I graduated from Hinkley High School in Aurora. We look very similar. I really would love to talk with you. My phone number is 720-302-3029. My name is Sandi Shull. My friends and family call me Candy. I really think we are related. Like you I have a magical way with cats. I love dogs too but I’m very connected to cats. Please call me. I will keep it totally just between us. Me and my purry family would love to purr our furry connections to you and your purry family. You can call me with your phone number blocked. I will not try to get your personal phone numbers at all. Please call me and we can see if we are brother and sister. Love you and your magical connections to furry babies just like me and my furry abilities. Love you now and forever Sandi Shull Montgomery

  2. Thank you now I know the name for my incurable disease – bipetialism. I have two dogs a Yorkie and kelpiemix, three catkids, one ratkid and an aquarium. Coupled with the fact that I teach grade 5 daily, welcome to the zoo. I want to brag about my cats. they all three rescues. Orin is the old man of the house at about eight years. Clara came last year when I went looking to adopt a special needs kitty. She had a leg that was twisted. The little imp spent the next two to three months hanging on my curtains so much, the leg straightened out and shows only a little stiffness in the joint. although a bit small she is a quiet, shy girl who’ll grab me at the feeding station when she wants a special treat. Casper is my big ginger tiger, but he is very special. The vet phoned me and asked me to foster a kitten who was about to have a badly broken leg amputated. I went down to meet him. Although high as a kite on pain meds I was booped by a dirty titch that could fit into my hand. Foster? Nope immediate adoption was the only option and I have this incredible kitty that doesn’t know he has special needs. He jumps up on the feeding station which is a meter from the ground. I put a chair to help him, he ignored it. If he wants anything he walks up to me and lays a paw on my leg or arm,, whatevers handy. He is incredible. I love to brag on him and often tell people what he does. He reminds me every day that winners are people(kitties) who don’t give up. I love your program and gave learnt a lot from you. Thank

    you do much. Keep it up cat daddy. Love from South Africa

  3. I’m desperate my cat wakes me up every day at 5 in the morning to feed them I can’t get any sleep I’m starting to feel sick from that how do I break him of the Habit I’ve tried pheromones and sprays and sprayed with water nothing works

    • These tips will help you break that habit:

  4. I’m a total Cat Lover and currently have two Cats. Love your show. Thank You for all your hard work and Big Heart to help others. Have a great Day.

  5. Me and my boyfriend were curious if Jackson has ever had any encounters with people’s cats that he couldn’t help. Like if he tried everything and the aggression or the peeing or whatever kept happening. I belive in Jackson fully but there is people such as my boyfriend think it’s too far fetched that he can help every single cat and every sing problem.

  6. I have a question for Kate Benjamin,
    “Have you any suggestions for catifing a Tiny House?” Also integrating at least two cat boxes?

  7. Jackson ,please help me, my Maine coon passed at age 18 of renal failure, can you help me find a Maine coon that Needs a home ,an adult, or senior, I don’t know who else to turn to, phone no, 716-992-3768 , Joni Farkes email [email protected], com, Thank you.

    • Jackson can you help me save a beautiful stray cat that wants a home..It ts a sotted and striped tabbie. I a 73 years and dying from polycystic kidney disease. In the past 6 years I have lost my hushand, mother, aunt and son. I’ve also lost 2 18 old cats and one 17 old one .Now I am losing my home because a highway is coming through and I fear what will happen this beautiful creature.

  8. Jackson I know how you feel I lost my beloved cat Linus I am sorry to hear that you lost your beloved cat too.

  9. We live with a 20 yr old female cat (BabeeCat), who is blind and has “kitty dementia”. We also have an Akita, named Homer. He used to be afraid of her, but lately I have noticed him cleaning her. Our son has a Pitbull named Buddy Andrew. The 2 dogs are very protective of the cat, so much so that when my son was clipping Babee’s claws, Babee started to cry. Buddy got in between the cat and Joe and barked at him as if to say “STOP! You’re hurting her!” Babee is a diva and the dogs are her minions!

    • I love it, Madeline! I especially love that both your dogs are busting breed stereotypes about not getting along with cats wide open. As far as Babee is concerned, you know what they say: “Cats rule…”

    • Okay. I know it’s 2015 but just getting to this area about the famous Cat Daddy. Luv his story of his five adopted family members. Madeline, your story of the BabeeCat n how Buddy protects her is amazing to hear. Just show cats n dogs have feelings too.

  10. Great job Ingrid…….love this man even more now that I know more about his relationship with HIS babies.

    Caroline sounds so much like my Abby….she is such a shy little thing yet like Jackson said. “she trusts me 100% even though it goes against every fiber of her being.”

    Thanks for a wonderful post!

  11. I found Juliet at the shelter. She was a very unhappy cat. She lived with her sister in a Paws home, and was also living with a family who had a dog, plus her sister. Three kids too.
    She was sent back to paws and they took her to the shleter. When I got her..she was the cat from hell. I thought my arms would fall off from the bites and scratches. I know what she went through, so I did time outs, which work and also, treats. After two years, she is
    so much better, secure in her love for me, and her towels, she lays on..she is over eating
    or something. I give her the Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Formula, 2 ts. of the Purina Pate one in the morning and one at night. She keeps begging for food.

    Is there a cat food for her that can help her lose weight? She looks like the picture of
    Jackson holding the cat. They are called Cal-Tabs. Calico and Tabby. Help..she
    needs to lose weight. My apartment is small so she doesn’t get much exercise or
    she tires of the mouse on the string after about 5 min.

    • Rita, I recommend grain-free canned or raw food for cats who need to lose weight. I don’t believe the weight management diets work all that well. You can find lots of information on species-appropriate nutrition in the Feline Nutrition category on this site. Here’s a link to an article specifically about weight loss for cats:

      • I have the opposite problem my 16?year old calico with very normal blood work. Lost weight when his brother died but he didn’t eat that good. He has Costco dry cat food purple bag and when at the time they ate it like they had never had food before. He free eats it all night and day. Then I started feeding him and his sister wet food every day. She tired of the wet so for three days he eats his and hers plus the dry. His back bone is showing and my nephew who hadn’t seen him in 5 months immediately asked why he is losing weight. While his sister is only eating the dry and is just starting to look very full. I paid $250.00 for lab work and the vet says he is healthy. I’ve reached the point that I can’t pay anymore for the vet but I don’t want my old baby to die. He sits on my lab every time he isn’t eating. And if the wet is served late he meows until it is. And like I said he has started eating both cats portions.

  12. don’t get the ..miss the different then miss the cats…I’ve had dogs and cats ogether all my life….my dog just passed last year…i hav 7 cats….but when I left on vacation i missed them all…Cats are the home,though…like my babies…

    • I agree with you Vickie, I’ve had dogs and cats all my life, and miss both equally when I go away! I love his comment about dog mojo and cat mojo but I don’t understand his comment about dogs being the home away from home, eh?

  13. Love reading about Jackson’s animals. As a kitty mom of 5 it still amazes me of the different personalities of each one. Keep up the great work with animals Jackson, the world needs more people like you!

  14. Wonderful! I love connecting the dots and making things more personal! Even though I really don’t know Jackson that well, in some ways I feel I have known him my whole life, so this sneak peek into his fur-family, along with pictures, is such a joy! Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a wonderful interview! And so surprising a d-o-g resides in Jackson’s home also. How great that he is bi-petual. Loved the comments at the end about each of his fur babies.

    • Rudy came as a surprise to me, too, Nancy. I love Jackson’s comment about the balance between dog mojo and cat mojo.

  16. It was great to see Jackson’s pets up close and personal, but especially his old gal Velouria who is mentioned numerous times in his new book.

      • I just finished reading this book. It is fantastic. I was curious at to who the cat was on the cover photo? At first I thought it was Benny of course but he describes Benny as gray and white.

  17. What a great piece, as usual, Ingrid. Many thanks for your insightful profile of my favorite “cat guy.”

    All the best –

  18. Ingrid THANK YOU for this wonderful and informative post about Jackson’s furry family!! I am sooooo glad he is “bi-petual” like my household is!

    Kate did an amazing job on his home……fantastic!

    This was completely delightful!

  19. Interesting comment: “Dogs represent the home outside the home” – never thought of it that way!

  20. I loved reading about the cats. We had four also until we lost our oldest, 16, about two weeks ago.

    This sounds so much like one of our cats and one of the dogs:
    Rudy has a very strange relationship with Chips. They act like herding dogs with each other. Rudy keeps Chips in check, often scruffing her neck and holding her down. Chip will hiss and run, but then come right back and head butt Rudy. According to Jackson, “they can keep going like that for hours.”

    Ours will do the same. The dog stays outside and the cat has a fit to go outside to be with him. Amazing to me considering the fact that when we got the cat, he had somehow managed to get in our back yard over a 6 foot fence (had never seen him before this) and was being chewed on by our other dogs before we found him. Luckily they hadn’t injured him as they aren’t cat friendly.

    Can’t wait for the book!

  21. We liked reading about Mr. Galaxy’s cats (and doggie). We hop we live as long as his old cats! Right now we are only 7. They are very lucky to have such a great cat person for their daddy!

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