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Orange cat digging litter box

We previously featured high-sided litter boxes to help you contain the mess inside the box rather than all around the box. Even though all of these boxes have lower entrance areas, they may still be too high for senior cats, especially cats with arthritis.

Arthritis is a common condition that affects as many as 3 in 10 cats. It is often not diagnosed in cats because it is difficult to recognize even for the most dedicated cat guardian. The signs can be subtle, and since cats are such masters at masking pain, it often remains untreated. Only 7% of cats with arthritis receive treatment.

Senior cats and litter box behavior

Litter box avoidance may be a symptom of arthritis, although there are many other reasons for eliminating outside the box. Getting in and out of the box may be painful for a cat with aching joints. Your senior cat may need a lower box, and you may also want to add additional boxes, especially in a large or multi-level home. If getting to the litter box requires climbing stairs, senior cats may avoid using the litter box.

KittyGoHere Litter Box

This is the only litter box I was able to find that is specifically designed for senior cats. This attractive and sturdy solution has the lowest entrance I’ve been able to find in a true litter box. Made from sturdy plastic, it comes in several colors and is available from  Amazon and


Litter box alternatives for senior cats

You’d think that more pet product manufacturers would have realized that there’s a market for creating a litter box that makes entry easy for senior and arthritic cats, but there are very few boxes designed specifically for these older cats. My theory is that it’s because, sadly, litter boxes are usually designed with human sensibilities in mind with not enough thought given to what cats want and need in a litter box. A litter box with lower sides will most likely be messier. As a result, cat guardians often have to get creative.

Plant Growing Trays


Plant-growing trays like the ones shown above are usually generously sized, and low enough for even the most arthritic cat to get in and out of the box. Make sure you purchase trays without drain holes. You can find these at your local gardening store. Amazon offers a large variety of sizes and shapes, many with free shipping for Prime members.

Under Bed Storage Boxes


Under-bed storage boxes can be a good solution. Use a utility knife to cut an opening on either the long or short end. This gives you the flexibility to cut the opening as low and wide as your cat needs. The storage box shown above is available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

Litter containment for low litter boxes

None of these boxes will do a very good job of containing litter, or any spillover accidents, so you’re going to want to place them on an easily washable rug (rubber-backed bathroom rugs are a great option) or on pee pads.

Have you found a litter box solution for your senior cats? Share it with us in a comment.

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