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Most of us have had one or more of these cats: they are happy, sweet, maybe even affectionate on their own terms, but they simply refuse to sit in our laps. Allegra is one of them. It took months after I first adopted her at seven months of age before she would even come near my lap. She liked being in the same room with me, even sit right next to me, but my lap? That was off limits territory as far as she was concerned. After almost four years with me, she has just recently started to come around and is starting to ask for some lap time.

Stephanie Bouchard can relate – to the point that she published a charming little book about the topic. The Lap-Reluctant Cat will make those of us with cats suffering from Lap-Reluctance Syndrome feel a little less alone. Bouchard captures the “syndrome” with humor and empathy. While I’m not sure the book will actually help you cure your cat’s LRS, it is guaranteed to make you smile from start to finish.


I can’t decide what I loved more: the beautiful illustrations by Beth Zyglowicz or the witty captions by Bouchard. I think it’s probably the combination that makes this book the joyful, clever, and oh so relatable book it is.

If you have a lap-reluctant cat, or even if you just love cats with all their unique personalities and quirks, I promise you, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Available from Amazon for Kindle and as a paperback.

Do you have a lap-reluctant cat? How do you deal with Lap-Reluctance Syndrome?

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