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I was nervously watching last weekend as Hurricane Irma made its way through Florida. I have a lot of friends in the state. Many evacuated with their cats, some stayed behind. Thankfully, everyone I’ve been worried about is okay, even though some still don’t have power back. Sadly, not everyone in Florida was as fortunate, and it breaks my heart to think of what so many people and animals went through and are still going through.

Even though animal rescue groups have already been strained by caring for the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey, many organizations are helping in Florida and other states affected by Irma as well. I’ve rounded up a number of organizations for you that I feel comfortable donating to. These are, of course, just a few of many that are involved in rescue efforts. Please check their websites for information on what they need, and how to donate.

A note for those of you who may be wondering why I don’t include major national organizations on this list: I prefer to donate to local organizations so I can be sure that my donations are used for the intended purpose. You may also want to check with your local shelters where you live. Shelters around the country are taking in animals displaced by the hurricanes, and they need your help, too.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando staff traveled to Jacksonville and Daytona Beach earlier this week to transfer dogs and cats impacted by the storm to their shelters. They are already in discussions to transfer in additional pets from shelters on Florida’s west coast next week. They currently have over 400 dogs and cats in their care, but they have the space and staffing to accommodate and save pets from throughout the state. Click here to donate.

Good Karma Pet Rescue is a small group based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They’ve been taking in animals from Texas shelters, and they’ve been  helping local rescuers who are struggling after Irma  Click here to donate.

South Florida Wildlife Center is helping animals injured and displaced during the hurricane. Click here to donate.

Most organizations will probably need money rather than goods. The logistics of storing donations may overwhelm organizations whose volunteers are already stretched to the limit. Also, keep in mind that there is going to be a long term need for donations for months and possibly even years, so take that into consideration when planning your donations.

I’ll update this list as more information becomes available.

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