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Written by Loren Brutsch

Small and fluffy or big and trim, it doesn’t matter. Sharing life with a cat can change a person’s life. To some that change simply means coming home to unconditional love every day, but for others it can mean fame and fortune.

We’ve selected five cat guardians who, by deciding to welcome a furry friend into their home, have experienced incredible, life changing success.

Top 5 Stories of Life-Changing Cats & Their Owners

1. James Bowen and Street Cat Bob


James Bowen was at a low point in 2007, when a ginger cat named Bob walked into his life. Bowen was a down on his luck British street musician who was busking the streets of London. Bowen and Bob caught the attention of Mary Pachnos, a literary agent who had represented the British edition of Marley and Me. The encounter would change their lives irrevocably. Bowen’s first book, A Street Cat Named Bob, became an international bestseller. Several other books followed, most recently, A Gift From Bob, and the first book is currently being made into a major motion picture.

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2. Tabatha Bundesen and Grumpy Cat


Tabatha Bundesen was a waitress in Arizona up until her silly little cat began bringing home the dough. Tardar Sauce, or “Grumpy Cat” as we all like to call her, is a three-year-old cat with a nasty under bite and dwarfism, which is what has sent her shooting into superstardom on the Internet. Bundesen told The Telegraph that she was able to quit her job just days after Grumpy Cat’s first appearance on the World Wide Web through Reddit. It’s been three years since that fateful post and, thanks to her feline friend, Bundesen has reportedly earned over $100 million through movie and media appearances, book deals, modeling, and more.

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3. Sebastian Langton and Rango


Though they didn’t get their big break through social media fame, Sebastian Langton’s tabby cat Rango has thrown him into the world of success. Unfortunately, there’s a very sad beginning to this take of pet-inspired transformation. When Rango went missing two years ago, Langton felt such a gut-wrenching loss that he believed no one else should have to experience it if he could help it. Instead of sinking into sadness, he turned his emotional turmoil into innovation and created the world’s smallest and lightest, fully waterproof GPS pet tracker. He called it Pod. The tracker has taken the world by storm. Thousands of Pods are in use around the globe. Researchers are learning all about what our pets get up to when we’re not looking. Most of all our pets stay safe.

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4. Jay Stow and Hamilton the Hipster Cat


Jay Stowe met his best friend Hamilton at a rescue shelter in San Francisco. One look at the little guy and Stowe knew Hamilton was the hippest cat in town. Flaunting a perfectly sculpted ‘stache, Hamilton has always been destined for fame, it just took a little push from comedian guardian Stowe to get there. After quickly becoming an Internet sensation – with over 100 thousand fans on Facebook, multiple memes, and almost 300 thousand followers on Instagram – Hamilton the Hipster Cat now has his own clothing line along with the hearts of Internet-dwellers everywhere.

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5. Ingrid King and Amber


While Amber may not have brought fame and fortune to award-winning author Ingrid King (yet,) she was imperative in helping the former veterinary hospital manager discover her true passion. Amber inspired the creation of The Conscious Cat, one of the top 5 pet blogs on the internet, through which King reaches hundreds of thousands of cat lovers every month who want to learn about conscious living, health and happiness for their feline family members and for themselves.

Photos of James Bowen, Grumpy Cat and Hamilton the Hipster Cat via their Facebook pages, photo of Sebastian Langton courtesy of Podtrackers, used with permission.

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