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Sometimes, the best toys are the simplest ones, and what cat doesn’t like paper bags? The folks at Dezi & Roo have taken this concept just a little further and created the Hide and Sneak Paper Tunnel.

This expandable tunnel made from the same material as brown paper bags will provide hours of entertainment and fun for your cats. The tunnel ships flat, and easily expands to a generously sized 12″ x 12″ x 32.5″ with openings on both ends. The end panels are reinforced with cardboard.


Allegra and Ruby explored the tunnel as soon as I set it out for them. The video below shows Ruby checking it out.

Ever since the great tunnel incident of 2011, I no longer leave tunnels out when I can’t supervise the girls, but the girls have been having lots of fun with it even though it’s not out all the time (or perhaps because it’s not out all the time? We all know that cats can easily get bored with toys.)

The Hide & Sneak is available from Dezi & Roo‘s Etsy Shop.

We also received a Wiggly sample pack, which also turned out to be a big hit with the girls.


For more information about the Hide & Sneak, Wiggly and to see more of Dezi & Roo’s wonderful products, please visit the Dezi & Roo Etsy Shop.

FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review at no charge. Receiving the free product did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion, or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest and unbiased opinion. I am an affiliate partner of Dezi & Roo, which means that I get a small commission on each product purchased. We only spread the word about products and services we’ve either used or would use ourselves.

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6 Comments on Hide & Sneak Paper Bag Cat Tunnel from Dezi & Roo

  1. Please make sure you supervise your cat with the Wiggly Pong and Wiggly Ball as they tails can be quickly chewed or disconnected from the balls and swallowed.

  2. The tunnel looks like so much fun. I wish I thought my cat would like it, but she doesn’t like anything I buy for her. She might go through this tunnel once, but that would be it. *SIGH* The only thing she enjoys at all is for me to throw wads of crumbled up paper for her. And she tires of that quicker than she used to. Maybe it’s just that she’s getting older (she is 14) and also has IBD.

  3. I used to have a worm like the one you’re showing, but it was on a clear string and one of my cats became obsessed with playing with it. But it tore up pretty quick once she got ahold of it.

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