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2011 Pettie Awards

Dogtime Media’s 2011 Pettie Awards recognize excellence among animal-loving bloggers. The Petties are the only awards nominated by, voted for, and presented to individuals in the pet blogging community. The best part? In addition to winning this prestigious award, winners are honored with a $1000 donation to the shelter of their choice.

The Conscious Cat was a 2010 Pettie nominee, and we would love it if you would help us repeat this honor again this year by nominating us for Best Cat Blog. It only takes a minute.  And we would love it even more if you asked all your cat loving friends (or even non-cat loving friends!) to nominate us, too.

To nominate The Conscious Cat, click here. Complete the nominee information as follows:

Name: The Conscious Cat

Nominee URL:

Nominee e-mail: [email protected]

Why should this blog win: This is where we hope you say something nice about us.

Nominations can be submitted through June 29.

The Conscious Cat - Allegra and Ruby

Allegra, Ruby and I thank you for your help!

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22 Comments on Help The Conscious Cat win the 2011 Pettie Award for Best Cat Blog

  1. Ok, done! Natasha, Pan, Zephyr, and Zoey will keep their paws crossed that you guys are the winners!

    Good luck, and thank you for creating and maintaining such a fabulous blog to vote for!

  2. More than happy to help. Your site is so well deserving of this recognition. Best of luck.

    Thoughts in Progress
    Freelance Editing By Mason

  3. You knew I definitely did. Wishing you get this. This one is your recognition of all you give to us.

  4. Just finished nominating CC for the award. Was limited by 100 characters on stating the praises of such a wonderful group.

  5. Heading over there!
    Your blog really deserves this award, it’s the best and most useful, loving and informative Cat Blog I’ve ever found!!!!! Good luck, Ingrid, Allegra and Ruby!!!!!!!!!!

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