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Water is critical to keeping your cat healthy. Cats as a species don’t have a high thirst drive, and this can lead to chronic low-level dehydration if a cat is fed mostly dry food, which in turn, can lead to urinary tract and kidney problems.  “Water flowing through the urinary tract system is the most important factor in keeping your cat healthy,” says Dr. Lisa Pierson on her website, “Cats on canned food have been shown to consume at least double the amount of water (from food and water bowl) when compared to a dry food-fed cat.”

While cats get moisture from a raw or canned diet, they should still have plenty of fresh water available at all times. One way to encourage your cats to drink more water is with a fountain.

I’ve never used a fountain for any of my cats, so I was intrigued when Glacier Point offered to send us one to try out. There are multiple benefits to having a fountain for your cats:

  • Chilled, circulated water that mimics what cats would be used to in nature.
  • Fountains encourage cats to drink more water.
  • The filter removes chlorine and other harmful toxins.

The Glacier Point Cat Fountains are made out of heavy, lead-free ceramic, rathen than cheap plastic. We picked the pretty blue color, but they also come in red and white. Putting the fountain together was easy (and if you’ve read my reviews before, you know that that’s a huge selling point for me, because I usually turn pale when I see the words “some assembly required.”)


Allegra and Ruby were intrigued. They watched from a distance at first, and then gradually got more daring. Even though they’ve never shown an interest in faucets, they were both fascinated with the flowing water.

The fountain is extremely quiet. The bottles that feed the fountain are glass, not plastic. According to the manufacturer, this is the only fountain on the market that can be kept mold free. The pump is protected with a filter designed to remove chlorine and other toxins. There are very few parts to this fountain, which makes cleaning very easy.


We’ve had the fountain set up for a few days now. I’ve only seen Ruby drink once from it (and managed to capture it above) but then, I don’t see the girls drink from their water bowls all that frequently, either. Ruby definitely likes the new addition. She enjoys dipping her paws in and flinging the water around. I think as they get used to it, they’ll probably end up preferring it over their water bowls.

For more information, and to order, please visit Glacier Point for Cats.

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  1. I own one all of my four cats like it, the foam filter is washable you can replace but lasts a long time the charcoal is what you replace it would be wise to get an extra kit when you order it, its EASY to clean and QUIET and doesn’t cause neurological problems like some cheap ceramics made in china, is it heavy? YES but that’s a plus it’s quality high fired ceramic made in the u.s. Is it expensive but had I bought it first I wouldn’t have had to waste money on the three I have and wouldn’t give away they were garbage. Plastic and water = slime a lot of slime not just a bit from cats saliva. Also smells awful have you ever smelled the water from a plastic fountain only a few days after cleaning? If you want something that looks beautiful for you this isn’t it, if you want something functional that works and dont want to buy another fountain again this is it. I plan to order the chiller now too to add to mine.

  2. Recently purchased this product and unfortunately, my cat wouldn’t go near it because of the noise the water chiller makes. Silly me – I didn’t look at the return policy closely enough. This $300 fountain can not be returned for any reason. Anyone want to buy one of these? Sorry, no refunds and all sales final.

  3. First, let me say that my fiance and I have seven cats (since 2 strays recently joined the family), and making sure that they always have a enough fresh, attractive water is extremely important. I bought my first Glacier water fountain about 4 years ago when I first inherited the cats from the animal shelter.

    These fountains are amazing. They chill the water and keep it constantly flowing. Cats prefer cold, flowing water so my cats drink plenty and have never had any bladder or dehydration problems.

    As some have mentioned, the man who sells these fountain is not super customer service oriented. However, he invented these fountains as a cat lover who saw a need for a high quality fountain, complete with a ceramic basin and glass water supply bottles. You really couldn’t make a better fountain. I believe he is employed full time as an engineer and sells the fountains more as a service than anything else.

    I now have 3 of these fountains. They work very well, even the one that is four years old. They require a little maintenance and are a little less user friendly that most of the plastic, cookie-cutter products that most of us are used to buying, but with good reason!

    Every cat owner should have a Glacier point fountain. I believe that this product has played a very large role in keeping my cats healthy and happy for the past 4 years.

    On top of that, a huge added bonus is that they each have 3 refill bottles on top. My 7 cats can go about a week and a half without needing a refill. This gives me great peace of mind when I go out of town. Even though my cat sitter comes to check in on them, I don’t have to worry that she’ll forget to keep the water dish full and fresh.

    Another cool feature of the fountain is that tube from which the water flows can be angled in any direction: up, down, or to either side. Some cats love to play with the water as it spurts upward. The speed of the water flow can also be adjusted to 3 different speeds.

    The fountain itself is made from the very high quality materials: a ceramic basin, glass refill bottles, a metal cooling probe, and a BPA-free adjustable plastic tube for the water to flow out of. The water is filtered twice: first before entering the motorized water pump, and secondly, through a charcoal filter halfway through the tube though which the water flows.

  4. Buyer beware!!! This is a great fountain but the man who sells it is a terrible seller. He is the absolute worst. I have never had a worse experience in my life. I ordered replacement filters and he shipped them to the wrong address. I don’t know how he got the wrong address but when I asked him where my item is he suggested I go ASK THE PEOPLE LIVING AT THE WRONG ADDRESS and refused to do anything for me. He will not refund my money or ship me another item. I would have kept using this fountain for the rest of my life because I will always have cats and buying replacement parts from him, but now I will be finding another fountain to use for my kitty.

    Do not buy this fountain if you want to be able to keep using it after the first filter goes out.

  5. I have two White Persian Cats, They love fresh water so much they drink out of the toliet if the lid is left up…running water is their favorite. I have purchased several fountains and can tell you about all of them, pros and cons. Mostly cons. Find one that my cats and I love and I will market it all over the net for you and all other cat lovers in my situation.
    Thank you.

  6. I would so love to have one of these for my kitties! Several are really fascinated by water, and I’m sure they would all love the freshness. 🙂

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    @cheenna gracey

  8. I’ve seen these advertized and would luv one for my kittehs … I have many >^..^< and I think they would enjoy it!

  9. i already have one of the Glacier Point fountains, and my cats love it. If I win this one I would ask that it be sent to Good Mews Animal Foundation, where I volunteer. The kitties there would love to have another fountain to use!

  10. I have 10 cats and I’d had (still packed up in the basement) other fountains, plastic and mold traps that I had to clean often (probably would with any). My cats loved the fountain, do I’d like the best on the market for them! I’d might have to get a few more if they loved it, which I’m sure they would.

  11. My two cats live outdoors with no access to any running water -my last fountain got moldy and dirty way too fast – this fountain looks like a lot of thought went into it and would allow my cats access to fresh water. Thanks.

  12. I would like to win this for my two kitties because they are extremely picky about having fresh water. I know how important it is for cats to stay hydrated since they don’t really have that internal warning system to let them know they need water. Since my boyfriend and I both work full time and the kiddo is at school every day, I would love to be able to provide them with constantly moving water so they will drink more.

  13. I shared this giveaway on Facebook:

  14. Having a fountain for my kitty would help to ensure that he has fresh water when I’m away for the entire day!

  15. Myself and my 5 cats would LOVE to win a fountain – esp the boys – they wouldn’t have to wait on me to turn on the faucet so they can drink fresh, running water 🙂

  16. I would like to win this fountain. I have tried several others in the past and have not been happy with them. I have 13 kitties and when I do try and use them, they definately drink more water.
    I have a few boys with urninary problems and I am happy when I see them drinking water.
    I do have bowls around the house, but fountains are much more preferred. They are
    very intrigued by them. Hoping that we can win the fountain.

    Karen (Jesse’s Mom)

  17. I would like to win this fountain so my daughters (Smokey & Sasha) would stop drinking from the toilet! (is that normal?) Although, donating it to a shelter like BLIND CAT RESCUE(, or TABBY’S PLACE ( would be helpful for the kitties.


    • I it’s not normal! Keep the lid down do they can’t! You wouldn’t drink out of the toilet, so why let your animals. Dr Oz had a show on toilet cleanliness and when toilet seats are up, when you flush them there is an area 8′ from the toilet that is “sprayed” from the toilet into the air. Google it on his site and watch the time release video, you will keep your toilet seat down from now on!

  18. We have 3 cats & are presently dealing with continued UTI’s with our male kitty. I do use a Drinkwell fountain but it is very hard to keep clean & I’m concerned about the mold & bacteria it may have. I have several other water bowls for them to drink from that are changed daily but I would love to have a Glacier fountain for them that is glass not plastic , a much healthier alternative & so much easier to clean! I know they would benifit greatly from this fountain! I am always trying to get them to drink more water & this would be another wonderful source for them! Thank-you for offering such a great giveaway!

  19. We have been looking for a high quality fountain for our SIX feline babies: Jerry, Luka, Lena, Molly, Leo and Lyle! Jerry is 22 years old , and has kidney disease too, so water is vital for him especially.
    We spoil our babies, and already give them purified water, NEVER tap water!
    So, this design would fit right in with our family! You can imagine how often we are refilling our water bowls with this many whiskers lapping it up daily!
    Love the design!!

  20. My furkids would love this fountain. I recently lost a boy to diabetes, and have been looking at a fountain to keep the others well hydrated in hopes of their continued health.

  21. Alley Cats and Angels would love to win this fountain. We have several “long-term resident” cats who are very picky about their water drinking habits. This would be perfect for them.

  22. Hi! I would like to win as my older cat has started drinking more water lately-I’ve even noticed that even if fresh food is put down first, she will wait for fresh water and take a good drink before eating (she never use to do that). So, I think she would like a fountain, and I’ve heard Glacier is the best. Thanks!

  23. I would love to win this fountain for my three cats. They need to drink more water. The fact that it’s mold free and easy to clean is a big plus.

  24. My geriatric kitties would love on of these and it would be great for their health. I love that it is Eco friendly too.

  25. I would really love to win this cat fountain, as I have 5 cats and three of them love to drink from the bathroom sink. They even “beg” me to turn the water on! I also like the fact that it is mold proof and easy to clean.

  26. I would love to win this cat water fountain. If I were to win it I would ask that it be sent to my favorite cat sanctuary, The Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. This is their website They always need supplies and they do so much for blind cats who have a chance at life and even forever home via this exceptional sanctuary.

    They could use a beautiful fountain like this.

    I also shared this on Facebook.

  27. I have 3 geriatric cats who need increased water intake. They drink from a Drinkwell fountain – plastic, hard to clean -> potential for growing microbes. The Glacier Point Fountain would be a great alternative. 🙂

    • Hello,
      My 4 cats would LOVE this! Meeshoo, Jazzy, Pony and Santee currently are turning down their water bowl and have chosen to drink from a cup in the bathroom sink. Pony and Santee are adopted stray kitties who used to drink out of a pool of rain water. Meeshoo licks the underside of the tap to get cool water.
      Your Glacier Point Fountain would help all 4 kitties to increase their water intake, I’m certain of it. The sound of the trickle of water, the coolness of the water, the plentiful pool – all great reminders of the outdoors.

  28. Our previously feral domesticated calicos love fresh water. They’ll turn 9 years old this spring. Since they have entered their senior years, they are experiencing more difficulty jumping up to the kitchen counter and sink. Their favorite pastime is drinking from the faucet. Our youngest also suffers from feline acne and the ceramic and glass materials would be healthier for her.

  29. I have a mix of fosters and personally owned cats and there are a few who love drinking running water. In fact there is one that will only drink out of a running faucet, he stands by the sink and cries until someone turns it on. So to have this fountain sounds like a dream come true.

  30. I’d love to win a Fountain for my felines since my oldest knocks over any and all waterbowls so I have to keep them all in the bathtub. This looks big enough that he wouldn’t be able to knock it over, everyone could drink out of it and I could finally get the tub back for myself!

  31. I would love to get the fountain too 🙂

    Last October I took in a street calico to foster…indefinitely. While she appreciates the provisions she yearns to roam the street and so has been kinda in the dumps. When I saw her play with the faucet water I went online and bought a $40 Drinkwell to cheer her up. She loves the water coming out of the spout. Sometimes she takes the water in her paw to lick it off. I wish I could show you the video.

    Now that I’ve gone to GlacierPoint’s site and read about the plastic hazard, I don’t feel so good about Drinkwell. It would be fantastic to replace it with a GlacierPoint!

  32. I currently own 6 cats and have done a lot of cat rescue over the years that has contributed to the number of cats I own. I live in a house that has well water, the plastic water fountains I currently run get clogged very quickly due to the quality of water. I would love to win a new fountain for my cats so maybe it has better filtration and is easier to maintain. They love running water and in the winter months with dry heat in the house, I feel it is even more critical to have fresh water available.. Thank you for considering me!

  33. I would love to win this for my kitties because they love fresh water, especially from the faucet — hopefully this would keep them out of my kitchen sink 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!!

  34. I have fountain, Petmate. It is plastic and not dishwasher safe. It has many, many nooks and crannies that are very hard to get into, making cleaning very difficult. So I would very much like to have a fountain that is easy to clean.

  35. cool fountain! I have a waterflo fountain that is plastic, which the cats (and dogs!) love, but it does have to be taken apart and cleaned or it will get moldy 🙁 and the bowl of it, when the dog drinks out of it, is not large enough so it splashes all over. This looks like the ceramic bowl to this fountain would not have that problem – and I hate plastic! Would love to be using glass/ceramic.

    I have 3 cats, a pibble, and my roommate has 2 little chi mixes – all rescues – all unique – all adored 🙂

  36. I would love to win because I know my cats would just love it and they would drink more water which would make them happier and healthier felines : )

  37. My cat of mature years, Eloise, currently drinks out of a highball glass set on the end table in my living room; she will not drink out of a cat bowl placed in her feeding area, probably because that would be too catly! A fountain would, perhaps, catch her attention and give her the opportunity to have fresh water without offending her cathood.

  38. The reason I would like to win the glacier pet fountain first of all is because I have 6 cats of my own. They would surely love to have a fountain to drink from with fresh water!! The more important reason I would appreciate the fountain is because I am the Vice President for an animal rescue here in my town (website listed) called Iroquois County Animal Rescue in Iroquois, IL. I spend every waking hour that I can here rescuing and saving the lives of cats and dogs. About 8 months out of the year I also foster cats or kittens in my home. This fountain would be an added benefit to them while they stay at my house to become nice and healthy for their future homes. Lots of times when I get them they are very sick and malnourished from living the hard life on the streets and this would really be a benefit.

  39. Would love to win because my two cats share one bowl in the kitchen. They both kept drinking out of my bedside glass of water though, so I put another bowl in my bedroom, but for some reason it seems to get dry awfully fast. They both love water and I want to insure it’s always fresh. I try to put down fresh iced water daily but sometimes I forget.

  40. I want to win because I wold like the cats to be able to drink fresh water especially in the summer when it gets hot so quickly. Thank you for the chance.

  41. I’ve wanted one of these fountains for my senior boy, Sid (16), for a long time now, but haven’t been able to commit to spending that much at the moment. He has kidney disease, so he does drink a lot of water. I would love to be able to give him the best water available.

  42. I rescue sick, elderly, stray cats or ones in need of help & have 7, ranging in age from 7 mo. old to 18 1/2 years old, several with chronic issues. A few are on prednisilone & water is critical & in high demand for them. All seven love fresh, cool running water from the faucet but with all of them following me each time I head to the bathroom, well, you can imagine how long it takes just to brush my teeth! This happens multiple times per day. I’ve bought a few fountains before but they never hold up long. I clean & refresh the water bowls twice a day, but they will only drink from them as a last resort. We would really love & appreciate a good fountain!

  43. I have an older cat and an eight year old cat. It is very important to keep them supplied with fresh water, especially the older they get, so they do not dehydrate. I am intrigued with the design of this particular fountain and I think they would use it frequently. Thanks!

  44. I would like to have this for my mom , her cat passed away so the kids and I gave her our cat ( kids said she was full of our love so grandma wont be lonely ) But my hubby spoiled said kitty with faucet water , and this habit has poor grandma running in and out turning the tap on all the time , plus the kitty hits her head on the facet to get her attention ( ouch) so this would be a great help in adding peace and tranquility to there home and lives .
    thanks Sara

  45. I used to have a plastic dome fountain for my cats. But it was such a pain to clean, so many parts to take apart and eventually a piece got broken. One of my cats refuses to drink standing water unless she watched me run it into the bowl and put it down. Then she will take one drink. I have to keep the bathtub tap running 24/7 to ensure that she drinks. I think she would really enjoy this type of fountain.

  46. Oh, my cats lived their fountain, but we had to give it up due to one them having an allergy to plastic. This would be a great replacement! Thanks for the offer!

  47. I’d like to win this because it would be awesome to have that water fountain for the girls that won’t grow mold. They drink from the tap as it is, so I know they would like it.

  48. I would love to win this for my finicky 16 yr old cat who demands cold water from a jug that we keep in the fridge just for her. As soon as I pour it, all the cats come running. They love chilled water!

  49. My Chelsea would love to win this prize. She would love to have “cold” water all the time, now worrying about it getting a ltitle warm. I think this is a great invention, and I know that she would love to play with the water too. As my cat is 19 yrs. old, she doesn’t like to go up on my sink vanity as it’s a bit narrow and she is scared that she may fall off, as she used to do that to play with the water coming out of the faucet and this would be fun for her.

  50. I have many cats,they tend to drink alot of water.
    .If we were to win this fountain it will make our lives so much happier..
    It would also stop them from trying to drink from the sink and from tipping over the water bowl when its almost gone..

  51. My three would love a fountain. One would love the fresh water all the time, he comes and begs when I am at the sink. One would just drink the water. The other would think it was a wonderful play thing.

  52. What a neat fountain. I’m not sure how Little One would do with a fountain. She enjoys slapping at the water when I pour it in her bowl. Gum Drop was the one that loved to drink from the faucet. A wonderful giveaway.

    Thoughts in Progress

  53. I would love to to win this, I’ve tried two different styles so far one they learned to shoot the water where it bubbled up and the other they thought was a bidet (yes, my cats are weird, I actually have to tie the faucets in the bathtub because they can turn them om)


  55. my cat dalilah loves drinking fresh running water. she is always in the sink or jumps in the tub after we shower. she would love this as so would her brothers steve and myron.

  56. I’ve been trying to replace the standard drinking bowls w/fountains for our cats [8]. We, uh I mean Santa brought a small one for Arena who lives downstairs w/Jordan and a larger one for the main floor of the house. I’m just getting them put together so I’m not too sure about them yet and they are plastic. I’d LOVE to have one that has no plastic in it for the furbabies. They would LOVE that!

  57. I want to win so Trigger will stop trying to drink out of the toilet! (Yes he has two bowl of fresh water down, but is attracted to the loo).

  58. Awsome! This will be my next fountain! Wish I knew about this before I bought the Pioneer Pet ceramic for my CRF kitty….

  59. I have two rescue cats (Lucy & Magic) that would love a fountain! They have just a regular water bowl now.

  60. This fountain is awesome….Abby “dips” when drinking and not just out of the water bowl but also the toilet…which I’d rather she not do…maybe a fountain would keep her from doing this.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  61. I would like this as I think a fountain is the best way for a cat to get fresh water-we currently have one and they love it-however I would probably put a second one upstairs.

  62. Our kitties & small dogs love water fountains. Drinking from, playing in & taking a quick wash are some favorite activities. Easy to set up & clean sound good to me!

  63. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway opportunity! I would love to win this because Montana is in need of a new fountain and this one not only looks pretty cool it’s also beautiful!

  64. I would like to win this fountain for my cat Olivia she like to drink water out of peoples cups even thou she has h er on bowl. this might discourage the cup thing. Plus I think it looks cool.

  65. I run a cat rescue and would love to win a Glacier Point Cat Fountain. I know cats love to drink running water, mine always gather when I turn on the sink so they could take turns drinking from the sink. It would be great to give them a water fountain of their very own. Our rescue survives on donations, money it often tight, so winning a fountain would be great, I know the cats would be thrilled too!

  66. My cats love the cat fountains but petmate stopped making the one they loved. I have bought anohter one but only 2 of my 4 cats will use it. The thing I love about the fountain is you SEE them drinking so you know they are getting the water they need. I would love to try this one out. Duncan, Cali, Luci and Brooke would love it!!

  67. My three kitties love free flowing water! You can barely keep them out of the bathroom sink while you are brushing your teeth! My 22 pound male Tabby is prone to crystals in his urine if he doesn’t drink enough water, and I think this will be awesome for him.
    I think my two dogs would also benefit from this as well 🙂

  68. My kitty, Aspen, will not drink from a bowl, ever. She will only drink from a faucet and then sometimes when she does, it goes down the wrong way and she has a chronic cough that I sometimes need to give her prednisolone for. If I have water in a bowl for her, she’ll push it around until it all spills out. I would love to try this fountain for her. I always worry that she doesn’t drink enough water and she’ll become dehydrated and have kidney problems.

  69. Sassy would love this. Everytime I go to the kitchen sink, she demonstrates exactly how she got the name Sassy. She talks her head off until I get the water turned on so she can drink directly from the tap. This would give her running water ALL the time and save me from listening to her “gripe” at me about how slow I am.

  70. I have two kitties in late stage CRF who need to drink as much water as possible. I currently have a plastic fountain, but I don’t like the plastic because I am afraid of chemicals leaching from it. I would love this ceramic fountain for them as I feel it’s much safer. I’m sure my other two “normal” (but that’s a relative term for my cats :-), would love to drink out of this too.

  71. What a great looking fountain, and it sounds easy to use, too. My three “girls” would love to have something so interesting for their drinks, and it would surely up their water consumption.

  72. Oh how I would LOVE one of these! I have 2 sister Torties (Maizy and Marble) that we rescued from a family where there litter box was stuck in the back of a closet and forgotten about and the 2 kids ran after them and (to my babies) tortured them. NO OFFENSE to the kids! They were just way to rough w/ them that’s all. They just needed a forever home with us so they could get the unconditional love and attention they needed. And I am always looking for different things to help them live a longer and healthier life. I love the idea of a fountain. Please please please PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

  73. My little guy would love this thing. He has a plastic water fountain that starting to get old, a new one would go over nicely.

  74. Yay, no plastic! This fountain wouldn’t work for our crew but would be perfect for Lisa. This winter everyone is liking to drink warm water, changed fresh twice a day.

  75. Please enter me as well but I do have a little hesitation about the cord that sits so close to the water, plugged into an electrical outlet. What do you think?

    I also rarely see Cody drink water and when he does he only will drink out of Dakota’s bowl and that is something I am trying to break him of.

    I am thinking that by having something like this it might intrigue him enough to start drinking from his own area!

    Is the glass bottle secure enough that he can’t knock it over and have it shatter?

    Thanks for such a great give-away!

    • Caren, you actually have to plug the fountain into a GFCI plug (if you don’t have a GFCI equipped outlet, you can buy a plug from Barry at a fairly good price – at least, it was cheaper to get one from him than from the local hardware store), so if any water causes a problem, the circuit will break. So no electrocuted kitties or kitty guardians!

      The glass bottles fit *very* firmly into their holes. I actually have had trouble a couple of times pulling them out! 🙂

    • Caren, the location where I photographed ours is not the permanent location – the lighting in my kitchen is not good enough to get decent photos without using a flash. The cord is straightened and tucked away now.

      And Amy is right about the glass bottles – there’s no way a cat could knock them over.

  76. I would love to have this for my six rescued kitties. I cant afford to buy a water fountain because i spend alot of my money on making their food at home. They are really picky about their water source so i have a hard time figuring out how to make them happy with where they get their water from. Thanks so much!

  77. We would love to win a fountain for our house! Us 13 kitties actually drink a lot of water, living in the desert.

  78. I would like to win this fountain because I recently had to throw away my other Petmate filtered one because it is plastic. My cat was muscle tested and had acetate (found in plastics) toxicity in her system. So I switched all her pet bowls to lead free ceramic and now we just need that fountain!

  79. My cats LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVE their fountains! I have two that have become pretty gross looking (despite regular cleaning the plastic gets hard water stained) and would love to replace at least one of them! Thank you for the opportunity!

  80. I could really use this. I had to take my kitty to emergency this past weekend. She was dehydrated and needed fluids. She is not a water drinker out of the regular bowls we have at home, so maybe something like this would help her.

  81. This would be great to have for my 3 cats. They do drink water and I make sure to change their bowls twice a day but this would be so much easier and cleaner. I could see my littlest one playing with it first.

  82. My famous faucet-drinking Fantastic Four would probably never do anything else but hang around the fountain! I’d have to sell admission tickets. But the whole house would certainly benefit from this. I’ve wanted to get them a fountain for a long time and the ceramic and glass is very important to our household.

  83. Oh, I have looked at the Glacier Point Fountains, but have put off getting one as they are kind of expensive. But I know how much I like drinking cold water and think the kitties would enjoy this too! Brighton was hospitalized 2 years ago with a urinary blockage and I now have 2 Drinkwell 360’s and 2 Sink Drinks, but like the fact that the Glacier Point fountain is all ceramic and glass.

  84. My rescued cat Furlong walked into my life a little over a year ago, just kin and bones he brought along a few not so nice things with him. Covered with wounds, fleas and ticks, and one nasty habit as well. He was so neglected where he came from, that he learned to love drinking from the toilet. UGH. An easy enough problem to solve when it’s just me home, but when ever there is company over, he races to the bathroom nearly tripping a surprised guest along the way and the minute the lid is lifted… it’s another race to see who gets on the toilet seat first.
    Sounds funny, but it’s not so funny in reality.
    His second fave spot to take a drink? The extra large globe fish bowl that sits on a stand. He has learned how to tilt it with his paws, just so, (and not spill a drop or knock anything off the counter it sits on) and drink the fish flavored water. He will drink from the pups water dish, but only when he has no choice on the matter, and won’t touch the water near his bowl on “his” table. He has his own water on a small table where I keep his food (to keep the pups from eating it lol) but almost never ever drinks it.
    Having the Glacier Point Cat Fountain will, I am sure, bring him much joy. Furlong bring me so much joy & love, he his amazing, I would love to give him some of that joy back. Would love to buy him one but funds now that I am unemployed don’t allow for any extras for all of us.

  85. My buddy loves running water, he also loves the toilet. He races into the bathroom whenever we are finished with a shower and we try to be very diligent keeping the toilet lid closed. I’ve always wanted to buy a fountain for him, but cost was always a deterrent. I think he would just loves this to keep his water cold and fresh! Thanks!

  86. In years past i have tried one of those water dishes with the big container — and one of my cats hated that thing so much he would push the container off — so there would go a gallon or so of water on the floor. So i got one of the plastic fountains and they loved it for a while but those things are messy to clean and get that scummy residue….so no one would use it. So now we have stainless steel bowls that have to be filled many times a day for eight cats to use — they all like fresh cool water, not water that has been there for days and days — but a pretty red and white fountain that is easy to clean and gives them what they want would just be fabulous. We NEED this fountain!!!! Thank you for the chance to win this 🙂

  87. My cats Mandarin & Cinder would love to win one of these for their home!

    Mandarin is a 14 year old diabetic kitty who drinks a lot of water out of necessity. I’m sure she would appreciate having running water instead of the “still” water that she is served every day. A cat fountain might encourage her to drink a little more and hopefully prevent any future health problems.

    Cinder is a 12 year old mermaid in training. She loves playing in water and is always waiting for me to turn on the bathroom faucet for a long drink and a splash. She even likes to sit in the bathtub, waiting for the occasional drip. I know she would be overjoyed to have a cat fountain.

  88. I would love to have this fountain for my kitties, Susie, Fluffy and Purrcy. Just the fact that it is so easy to clean makes it purrcfect for my fur babies. Thank you for the chance to win it!

  89. Vir would LOVE this fountain! Like Ruby, he likes to dip his paw in the water and fling it around. He’s also fascinated by the bathroom, and of all things, loves to watch me brush my teeth!

    If I could get Lindsey with his liver issues to drink more water, that would probably increase his time with us also. My vet says it’s our good care of him that has kept him on kitty hospice now for 14 months and counting!

    Winning this fountain would make the kitties very happy!

  90. Wow, this would be perfect for my girls, Batman and Two Face. My mister and I are usually very busy due to schooling and work, and despite the fact that was leave lots of water out for our babies, they’re always crying for more of it when we get home. I don’t like those little plastic water containers that some people usually give their cats, the ones that sit over the plastic bowls, and a lot of the fountains that I’ve checked out are usually made of plastic :S I’d feel like I’m poisoning my girls. If anything I’d love to get them this! Buuut we’re kinda short on cash thanks to bills, rent, and getting them fixed. Winning this would be awesome.

  91. This fountain would be a blessing to my kitties, who need to have constant, fresh water available to them. Checkers, my boy, just had an unexpected surgery for bladder stones and he must be very hydrated to flush the potentially bad proteins out in order to prevent more stones. I believe that this fountain style would encourage the healthy drinking he needs and ease my concern for him. My girl, Chassie, loves drinking and makes frequent visits to the fountain. The Glacier Point Cat Fountain has it all and would provide me with piece of mind for my babies! Ingrid, thank you for this offer!

  92. Big Bad Baby Twinkle LOOOVES to dip her liddle paw into the water dish and daintily sip from her upturned paw. Altho I have never checked to see if she extends her pinky while she does this, I do know it is her favorite way of imbibing.

    Cee Cee on the other hand, will stick her muzzle into the water dish and slurp slurp slurp away very happily. Both gurlies would love this water fountain — in red, to match their wild and crazy purrsonalities.

    Also posted in FB <:-D

  93. This fountain is absolutely fantastic! In fact, it inspired the first post on my own new cat blog (I’d post a link, but I’m not sure if that would violate post etiquette.) Barry (the inventor) is extremely helpful and fast to respond to any questions.

    I’ve had my two fountains for several months now, and every week at cleaning time I’m delighted anew at how EASY it is to clean them! And not slimy like the Drinkwells I used to have. I don’t spend time worrying that my cats are drinking contaminated water, which is priceless.

    I’d love to win one for Zanzibar’s room, too, though it would probably be better for a new customer to get one to see for herself/himself how great it is! 🙂

  94. Hi!! We would LOVE to win this for our newly adopted cat, his name’s Ernie and he is handicapped, he was run over by a car and his pelvis broken and he lost his hind left leg, he is not really fond of water and we think this might help him to drink more, we would feel really lucky to have it!!


    Ernie, Karla and Abiel

    • Hi Karla – I too just adopted a cat who is “differently abled 🙂 ” We think Cassidy was run over by a car, but as she was a feral cat, it was a few weeks before we could catch her. She had a shattered right hip, left fractured femur and the the front third of her left back paw had been severed off. She just had to have her left leg amputated as her paw wasn’t healing properly, but the day she came home from the hospital, she was jumping on things and with steps, back to taking her 40% of the bed (her big brother Frankie who loves her to death) takes the other 40% leaving 20% for the guess who – the biggest occupant. Frankie spent the two days she was in the hospital walking around the house meowing and looking for her. She is a delightful, loving kitty now – a total daddy’s girl (she’s his princess). So to anyone wondering what it’s like to have a handicapped animal or is worried about how to care for him/her, I’m here to say there are wonderful. Take a chance 🙂

  95. This would help my cat greatly.. she is always meowing to drink from the tap..Thank you for this contest ..I’m not always available for her to her her fresh tap water..thank you..

  96. I would love to win this fountain. I am a firm believer that plenty of water is so good for our kitty children and their health. They do prefer fresh flowing water and this may tame their desire to be around the faucet. Two plusses! Better health and better behavior for my kitty girls!

  97. I have a LARGE (lol) Mancoon mix named Yakers. He loves to drag is his water bowl all over the kitchen. I wouldn’t have a problem with this but I have mobility issuses, & use a cane or a walker depending what type of day I’m having.

    We love eachother, but he doesn’t understand that by dragging his bowl, he is spilling water all over the floor, making it a water rink & a fall risk for Mom. I have resorted to putting his dish in one side of the kitchen sink & letting him jump up there to drink. This works, but then when I have to cook, he wants to be up there. It’s not fair for either one of us. I want access to my cooking space, and he has the RIGHT to his water bowl.

    This is one water bowl that I know he wouldn’t beable to drag around. He would have full time access to his water, & I’ld have full time access to my kitchen.

  98. We would love to win that fountain. I do have a couple of cats that probably would put their paws in the water but maybe not often. BUT in reading the comments, I really would like for that Lisa to win the fountain. But put me down and if I win, I might let her have it. I know how she feels about mobility problems.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity Ingrid. Take care. Hugs to those two tortie cats.

  99. Well, I have 8 cats and all of them seem to have some sort of water fetish….Josie – stomps her feet while she drinks, Wolfe – digs in it until its “fresh?” then hovers like a vulture perched on the side of the bowl to drink, Sniper – has to have tap water from the faucet he shakes his feet three times to get the water off? then settles down to drink it (he also touches the water to see what the level is in the fountain bowl), Luci – lays her head on the side of the bowl with her chin in the water to drink, Coconut – stands as far away as she can stretching her neck out to drink, Scooter – likes to drink the hot water from a bathtub, Alice – only drinks from the opposite side of the bowl, Animae – loves to drink from the water faucet, doesn’t mind if she is laying in the sink if you turn the water on to her (she eventually gets up). I would love to have another fountain in the house this one looks so much better than the one I have.

  100. My ten lovely older felines would like to use it because they are 100% indoor cats. Their foundation water bowls were damaged by the arsonist. They drink only in a plain water dish, and they would lover to have a very refreshing water everyday. They miss fresh water daily. Many thanks. Mew.

  101. Having just seen one of my babies go through a urinary tract infection we would love to have a good pet fountain. We had one of the others but when the plastic began to get stained our mom knew that the plastic was not only holding stains but probably bacteria. We did love the moving water though and would love to have a good fountain to use! Thanks Ingrid for this offer, and purrz to Ruby and Allegra, we get your blog in email and look forward to reading everyday, also started receiving the native remedies newsletter and hope to incorporate some of their products into the cats lives.

    Kathie and the Kat Haven Klowder

  102. I have always looked at the fountains in the store, but was turned off by the the way they were made, or the materials they were made of. But this looks like something that might just work for us! I have two cats, Buddy and Lucy. Buddy the 20 male tabby, likes to MOVE his water dish. He puts his paw in and just moves it to make sure there is water in it. Lucy, the baby, just sits there and watches. Then will go by and dip her paw in to drink. I am betting that if Buddy were to see the constant flow of water, it might just cut down on the dish moving dance. Thereby, cutting down on the spills! I would really like to give it a try!!

  103. As I read this, I’m watching my Anna drink from her bowl, and her fursis Bella loves to drink from the tap, so I know they’d both LOOOOVE the fountain!

  104. I am committed to feline nutrition as a way to promote good health and, after significant research, have switched all of my kitties over to low- and no-grain wet food. I leave water out but none of my three kitties is interested. I find the cost of feline water fountains to be prohibitive, so I have not been able to get one for them. One of my three cats has a deformed kidney and another has had infections in her kidneys from excessive struvites; these two older (10 and 7) and are being monitored. They are–knock on wood–healthy at this time, but adding water to their overall regimen would help to ensure their chances at have been treated and are healthy now, but I worry about complications. My cats are my children, so knowing they have all I can provide would be such a help to me and–most importantly–them.

  105. Hi Ingrid,
    This fountain looks great. I like the filter for chlorine! My Marmalade drinks from every glass she can find and the faucets when she gets the chance. I am sure she would love this fountain. Easy to clean is a plus too!
    Thank you.

  106. Thanks to you & your feline companions for the detailed review! My kits would like to drink from this, & I particularly appreciate the fact that it’s easy to clean, which isn’t true of all cat fountains.

  107. What a great fountain my six kitties would love it. Flacco, Ariel, Spitfire, Miracle, Oreo, Sydney say can we have the fountain pleassssssssssssssssse! We drink lots of water.

    Thanks again,

    The Bridges Cat House !

  108. I would love to win this fountain for my parents cats! Their 2 ginger cats will ONLY drink out of water taps, and I think this is a GREAT idea for them. I have recently bought a similar (cheaper and not as good looking as that one) for my own cat/the cats I will be fostering… and I think my parents cats would absolutely LOVE this!!

  109. Thanks for showing us the fountain, but I know it wouldn’t work for the boys. They do chew on chords…. That water in there does look deeeeelish though.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

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