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I recently came across this wall mounted cat climbing and lounging set, and I totally fell in love with it. I’ve been considering mounting some cat shelves for Allegra and Ruby, but have shied away for two reasons: one, I have no handyman talents whatsoever, and would need to hire someone to get them set up, and two, most wall shelves don’t have a lot of padding, and neither of the girls like to lounge on hard surfaces for any length of time.

The Trixie Pet Lounging Set is all plush, and I have a feeling the girls would really like this. The set features two perches, a plush lined condo and ultra-plush hammock. Each item is also wrapped with natural, durable sisal to for kitty’s scratching pleasure. You can mix and match to fit your space and your cats’ preferences.


  • Covered with plush material
  • Sisal scratching surfaces
  • Plush lined condo with removable cushion that can be machine wash, gentle cycle
  • Rear side of each item covered with plush
  • All hardware included. The cat lounge set unit attaches to a mounting bracket that is hidden inside the unit.


I know I would have to get two hammocks because they would probably be the favorite spot for both girls.


The Trixie Pet 4-Piece Wall Mounted Lounging Set is available from Amazon.

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