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6 natural ways to help your cat live longer

Liz Eastwood, the publisher of the Natural Cat Care Blog, has put together a wonderful e-book titled 6 Natural Ways to Help Your Cat Live Longer.

When Liz, a certified nutritionist, lost her soulmate cat Bastet to cancer at barely 12 years of age, she was shocked and devastated. Says Liz “most people seemed to think that it was perfectly normal for a cat to get cancer and die,” but Liz refused to accept that. Her childhood cat had lived much longer than Bastet, even though, on the surface, he hadn’t received nearly as good care as what she thought she gave Bastet.

With a background in holistic health, plus some of her own “miracle” health changes through natural means, Liz knew there must be something she could do differently in order to help her dearest feline friends live longer. So Liz began her research. She put a lot of time into it because she wanted to know – and share – how to help cats live to be 20 years old.

Topics in Liz’ book include:

•Why 20 Good Years is Not Too Much to Ask
•6 Things That Help Prevent the Dreaded Diseases
•Tips for Activating Longevity Support + Checklist


•More Cat Health Boosters
•The Cat Longevity Survey Report (Learn about 20+ year-old cats!)
•Resources List

Liz makes the case (with references and research) for why certain choices in particular could help our cats live longer.

I am honored to be listed in this book as a reference, particularly because I’m listed along with a number of voices in feline holistic care who I greatly admire, such as Lisa Pierson, DVM, Jean Hofve, DVM, and Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM.

Click here to get your FREE copy instantly.

8 Comments on Free e-book: 6 Natural Ways to Help your Cat Live Longer by Liz Eastwood

  1. I am loving this e-book! I already am scoring high, too, but definitely can go higher! There are several of the tips I will look into for my dogs, as well. Thank you so much, Liz and Ingrid!

  2. Ingrid, thank you so much for sharing this with all your readers and for being one of the inspiring cat care experts I learn from. Many, many downloads (and counting) because you have shared this. Purrrrrrrs!

  3. Wow – thank you, Ingrid, for posting a link to this book, and huge thanks to Liz Eastwood for writing it and making it available for free! I was pleased to see that my kitties have 10 points (or maybe 9 for the two who eat wet food only reluctantly) and am wondering if maybe that’s part of why my Casey-cat has been with me for more than 18 years now. She does have CRF, but she’s been absolutely stable ever since her surprise diagnosis more than 2 years ago. (The vet only ran a senior blood panel because I asked her to – she was shocked that it came back anything but perfect.) I think that’s because I immediately made sure her water intake was higher – more wet food, more bowls of water to choose from.

    It’s great to get confirmation that what I’m doing is “right”, and it’s fantastic that many more people can think about making these changes for their kitties, too!

    • Congratulations on taking such great care of your cats, Amy! It’s testimonials like yours, and the ones in Liz’s book, along with the science behind these suggestions, that will help convince others to make these changes for their cats as well.

    • Amy, thank you! And 9 – 10 points – way to go! So glad to hear your 18 year old Casey is doing so well.

  4. Loved this e-book jam-packed with valuable info and encouraged Liz to write a full length version.

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