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I hate lugging heavy bags of kitty litter from the store to my car and then into my house, but ordering litter online can be expensive, because shipping charges for heavy items add up quickly. As a result, I was really happy when I discovered PetFlow. No more trips to the store for me. With a flat shipping rate of $4.95, I can order as much or as little as I want at a time.

PetFlow also carries a large variety of food and pet supplies, including some of the brands I routinely recommend, such as Weruva, Nature’s Variety, and Wellness. To make things even easier, you can set up an autoship schedule for your own individual needs, but this is not required to order.

I’m delighted that PetFlow is offering a special discount for Conscious Cat readers only. Use code CONSCIOUSCAT to get free shipping on all orders over $49, all the time!

For more information about PetFlow, and to place an order, please visit the PetFlow website.

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    • Jenny, yes, they sell canned food, and they do carry some of the brands I routinely recommend, such as Nature’s Variety, Weruva, and Wellness. I feed primarily raw, with an occasional can of grain-free canned food for variety. Since I so rarely feed canned food, it’s not worth getting it by the case for me, I just pick up a few cans at a time at a local pet store.

  1. Thanks Ingrid! I just placed an order for food and litter with free shipping. Living in New York City means lugging these things on the subway so I appreciate having these things delivered at good prices.
    Wishing you and the girls a Happy New Year!
    Deborah Julian

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