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Living with cat hair is a fact of life when you share your home with cats. Shedding is a normal process for healthy cats, in which old fur is replaced with new. All cats shed, regardless of the length of their coats. You may think that longhaired cats shed more, but that’s only because the fur they shed is so much more visible. We recently offered tips to deal with shedding, from regular brushing to feeding a species-appropriate diet to supplements, but even if you follow our advice, you’ll still have some cat hair to deal with.

Evercare, the inventor of the original pet hair roller, offers several effective tools to help you deal with cat hair. We tested a few of them for you.


Evercare Fur Erase Sponge


The Evercare Fur Erase Sponge uses patented rubber agitators to remove fur two times faster than a standard lint roller alone. It can handle even the most stubborn clumps of cat hair on fabric and furniture. It first loosens any fur with the agitators, then simply picks it up with the lint roller, making the job a breeze.

I tried this on all sorts of textures, including carpet, a velvet pillow, the denim cover on our sofa, and the fleece window perch Allegra uses every day. It did a terrific job on everything, and removing the hair from the sponge was also super easy.

Evercare Mega Roller


For the times when you need to do a quick clean up, but don’t want to haul out your vacuum cleaner, the Evercare Mega Roller Evercare Mega Roller lets you pick up cat hair, dust and dirt without having to bend down! The 10″ wide roller and extra-long handle make quick work of cleaning up larger and hard to reach surfaces.

This big roller was awesome for picking up spilled litter around the litter box – all it took was one or two swipes. So much easier than bringing out a dustbuster or the vacuum cleaner, and Allegra and Ruby appreciated the lack of noise with this method of cleaning. The only thing I didn’t like about this roller was that the dirty sheets were really hard to peel off the roll.

Evercare Lint Flip Travel Roller


These covered rollers in fun bright colors are great to keep in your car, desk drawer, or anywhere on the go.

Bonus tip: Lint rollers can help you detect fleas and ticks

When checking pets for fleas and ticks, gently brushing a lint roller over the pet’s fur may help pick up some you may have missed on visual inspection. Lint rollers can also come in handy when trying to check hard-to-reach spots on yourself.

Evercare products are available on Amazon and many retail stores. You can also find more information about all of Evercare cleaning solutions on their website.


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