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I recently came across this super cute doormat and I’ve been tempted to get one ever since. I think it would make visitors smile even before they walk into my home.

Entryways Fine Felines Handwoven Doormat features

    •  Made from biodegradable coir (a natural fiber extracted from the outer husk of coconuts), which helps scrape dirt off shoes.
    • Colored with eco-friendly dyes.
    • Simply shake, sweep or vacuum to clean.


The Entryways Fine Felines Doormat is available from

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10 Comments on Entryways Fine Felines Doormat

  1. I love not only the design of this doormat, but also the fact that is made of natural biodegradable materials and eco friendly dyes.

  2. Do you recognize those torties in the photo, Ingrid?

    Entryways is the company I work for and even though this specific mat isn’t my design, I photographed it with Fig and Rye in 2020

  3. I love that doormat! I love cats if I had a place of my own I would definitely take in all those poor babies that are looking for a home.

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