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I had a lovely surprise earlier this week: I received this adorable ornament from KittyCat Studio in the mail! As you may recall, I introduced you to Laura Anglemoyer, the artist behind KittyCat Studio, when we gave away one of her Tortoiseshell Cat Angel Tree Toppers.

Laura creates beautiful and unique handmade cat items ranging from ornaments to picture frames to food bowls and much, much more. Her whimsical creations are sure to bring a smile to your face, and they all make purrfect gifts. I knew that Laurel creates custom made items from photos, but when she asked me whether she could send me a little something to thank her for promoting her items, I never expected that she would make a special ornament for me.

Every time I look at this precious ornament, I can’t help but smile. Laura so perfectly captured the girls’ spirit! Now I really can’t wait to put up our Christmas tree, and this ornament will have pride of place on it for sure. And I already know that I won’t be packing this away with all the other ornaments at the end of the season – I’ll find a special place for it so I can enjoy it year-round.

For more about Laura’s wonderful creations, and to order your own custom ornament, please visit Laura’s Etsy Shop.

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16 Comments on Custom Ornament from KittyCat Studio

  1. It’s beautiful! Laura’s work is amazing. My tree topper (and ornament) will be staying out year round too!

  2. That’s absolutely adorable!! I might consider ordering one for myself, with pretty Kajsa on it. Such a lovely gift.

  3. How absolutely sweet that is! I want to thank you ever so much for your 05.25.16 post listing Allegra and Ruby’s favorite cat toys, one of which is the Ethical Products Springs. We unexpectedly had a kitten join our household and she ADORES them. Her absolutely favorite game is when we give one a hard toss, she retrieves it and drops it at our feet to start again.

  4. I have been stalking Laura’s Etsy shop since you first mentioned the tree topper. She has some incredible talent and I hope to be able to order something from her soon.

  5. That’s cute and definitely better than my tree ornaments… which are actual cats. Christmas is rough with four furbabies getting into absolutely everything.

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