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Ever since photographer and artist Kelsey Levine was a little girl, she has loved animals, particularly cats. A few years ago, Kelsey started volunteering with a local animal rescue, fostering homeless cats and kittens in need of a place to stay before finding their forever homes. Since then,Kelsey has found homes for nearly 100 felines in need. “Rescuing animals is an incredibly rewarding experience,” says Levine. “I am grateful for the opportunity to save lives every day.”

Kelsey’s rescue cats were the “inspurration” for her art. “I love capturing the fleeting emotion in a cat’s eyes,” she says. Whether it’s through a perfectly-timed photograph, or through bringing a portrait to life with nothing more than pen, ink, and paper, Kelsey has an extraordinary ability to capture a cat’s personality.


Kelsey draws her custom portraits from photographs. She prefers getting multiple pictures so she can get a true feel of each cat’s personality. She creates original, hand-drawn pen and ink portraits in any size up to 9×12 inches. Finished portraits are usually shipped in one to two weeks.

These drawings make wonderful holiday gifts. Orders for custom drawings must be received by December 1 to ensure delivery by Christmas.


Prices range from $35 to $100, depending on the size of the drawing. Inspurration donates 5% of all proceeds to help rescue cats in foster care find forever homes.

For more information, and to order, please visit the Inspurration Etsy Shop.

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