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I previously introduced you to Chery, the amazing woman who rescued nine cats who were living in a church parking lot with a homeless woman. You learned about Chery’s huge heart, her compassion, and the love she had for her nine foster cats. Chery is also an accomplished artist and crafter who makes adorable cat blankets, felted wool bags and ceramic signs featuring whimsical and inspirational messages.

The blankets are handmade from two layers of flannel fabric with polyester quilt batting in the middle, and they come in a number of super cute kitty designs.


You can find Chery’s creations in her Etsy shop. A portion of all proceeds goes to help rescue cats.


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5 Comments on Cozy Flannel Cat Blankets from Show Me A Little Sign

  1. Ingrid THANK YOU so much for sharing my Etsy shop with your wonderful followers!!!
    I woke up this morning to 6 Etsy orders
    So grateful for your love and support
    Stay Safe

  2. These are too cute! I had to order one for Donald the Cat (yes, that’s his actual name) since he’s decided to hibernate for the winter.

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