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First published in 1980, All My Patients Are Under the Bed was another pivotal book for me as I began to think about wanting to work in veterinary medicine.

Louis J. Camuti was a New York City cat veterinarian who made housecalls for cats and their humans for over sixty years. He was the first veterinarian in the United States to devote his entire practice to cats.

From a Kirkus review of the book:

The charming memoirs, personal and professional, of an 86-year-old New York cat veterinarian who visits his patients at home, in the evenings, and–as his co-authors, the Frankels, discovered–brooks no negligence, insubordination, or tardy payment from their owners. …Winkie-Pooh, the sailing cat; Holly, who loves to be vacuumed; Mr. Cat, the incorrigible thief (of gloves, skirts, or whatever he can get his paws on); a male Siamese who, confounding all theories, is an extremely devoted father; Barnaby (Bastardo, to Camuti), who yowls and paces until the mean doctor leaves the premises.  …. Among his clients are a woman who knits caps out of shed cat fur, and a number of literary and theatrical folk (including some–like Tallulah Bankhead and Marlene Dietrich–whom he remembers less than fondly). He’s been to cat birthday parties, a cat wedding, and even a cat Bar Mitzvah–where the Bar Mitzvah boy never showed up. (And–oh, yes–he’s allergic to cats.) A cat lover’s pure delight that even cat-haters may find irresistible.

Dr. Camuti was ahead of his time with his common sense and humane approach to caring for his patients. He was against declawing, which he considered barbaric, during a time when declaws were as routine as spay/neuter surgeries. The focus of his interest was the bond between cat and human.

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