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Catsong, a 2007 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award winner, is back with more stories, more poetry, and more – what else? – cats. This charming and delightful collection of stories about special cats and the impact they had on the author’s life celebrates the immense love, joy and comfort they have brought, each in his or her own individual and special way.

From Alexander, the Czar-cat who befriended a child…to Keisha, the blue tortie who was a natural-born healer…to Phoenix, the Ruddy Abyssinian who taught the author about taking leaps of faith, all of the stories will touch your heart. “Humorous, at times tragic, philosophical, educational, and always, the epitome of compassion and understanding about the wonderfulness of cats…this book is a blessing,” writes Rita Reynolds, author of Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying and Beyond. “Every chapter of this book contains a delightfully vivid word picture of cats being cats,” observes Dr. Caroline Schaffer, veterinarian and assistant professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee University. “This is a book that truly honors the relationships among people, cats, and their veterinarians.”

The updated version brings back old favorites, like Derv, the Grand Old Man, Phoenix and his (literal) sidekick Hawkeye; and the rest of the original gang. But there are some newcomers, too: Iris, the gentle Siamese who becomes a caregiver to her elderly mistress; Circe, the little Blue Abyssinian with a genius for friendship; and Phoebe, the antique store cat who knows what people need before they do.

A treasure for any cat lover, this book would make a wonderful holiday gift. For personalized and autographed copies, please contact the author.

T.J. Banks is the author of Souleiado and Houdini, a novel for young adults that Cleveland Amory has enthusiastically branded a “winner.” Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Single Parent’s Soul and A Cup of Comfort for Women in Love.

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