K&H Pet Products Heated Bed


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Cats have a natural affinity for warm spaces, so it’s  not surprising that heated cat beds tend to be a favorite for many. They are especially nice for senior cats, cats with arthritis, or cats who are recovering from illness or surgery.Continue Reading

2021 Cat Product of the Year


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On Monday, I featured my choices for the 10 best cat products of 2021. It can be challenging to pick just one product out of all the products I receive for review every year.

This year, the choice was easy. My choice for the 2021 Best Cat Product of the Year is:Continue Reading

10 Best Cat Products of 2021


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I see a lot of new products each year, and I try to share as many of the good ones with you as I can. And of course, Allegra has been busy helping me review many of them for you throughout the year. With so many products, it’s really hard to choose only 10 favorites, but with the help of my little product tester, we’ve come up with our list of the 10 best for this year, listed in no particular order.Continue Reading

Review: Soft Tip Grooming Gloves


Brushing is not only a great way to keep your cat’s coat and skin healthy, it’s also a wonderful way for you to spend quality time with your cat – if your cat enjoys being groomed. For cats who don’t like being brushed but enjoy being petted, a grooming glove may be the purrfect solution.Continue Reading

PetFusion Tranquility Window Bird Feeder: Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats


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Cats often get a bad reputation with regards to birds. A few years ago, I wrote Faulty Science Spread Lies About Cats and Their Impact on Wildlife, and even though the post is old, the information is still relevant. But there is a way for birds to not only coexist peacefully with cats, they can also provide stimulating entertainment for indoor cats, and the best part: nobody gets hurt.Continue Reading