Conscious Living

Just for today…I will not worry

Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want to happen.

I grew up being a worrier.  I could easily come up with the worst possible scenario for any given situation, and then turn it over and over in my mind endlessly, to the point where I would often let myself get paralyzed with worry.  I knew that this propensity to worry was holding me  back from  letting myself live my life to its fullest potential. 

When I began to understand and really believe that we have the power to control our thoughts, and that our thoughts are vibrations that affect what we experience in our reality, I was able to short-circuit the worry cycle more easily.  It became clear to me that worrying and obsessing over what might happen would only attract the very thing I did not want into my experience.  Worrying also made a statement that I didn’t trust in the wisdom of the universe, and I truly believe that Source wants me to be happy.  I know on a deep level that things will always work out.  All is well. 

We all have the power to choose our thoughts.  We can make a conscious choice that we want to feel good.  Once you make this commitment to yourself, it becomes easier to redirect your thoughts from worrying about the future and to focusing on the present moment instead.  Worrying simply feels too bad for you to keep doing it.

Animals remind us of this every day.  They live fully in each moment and give all their attention to what is happening in that moment with no thoughts towards the future. 

Start today.  Make the commitment that just for today, you will not worry.  You might just get addicted to that worry-free way of being!

Do you feel connected?

There is an unseen energy that exists in and around every living thing.  Some people call it God.  It has nothing to do with a particular religion.  Maybe you’re more comfortable with calling it Spirit, Universal Flow, All That Is.  My preferred term is Source.

We are always connected to Source, but sometimes, we forget.  It’s like our conscious awareness of this connection has temporarily slipped away.  How do you know when you’re consciously connected and when you’re not?  Your emotions are your guide.  When you feel fear, doubt, worry, lack, scarcity, or even hate, you’re disconnected.  When you feel love, joy and  happiness, you’re connected.   The ebb and flow of that feeling of connection is part of our journey and evolution.  So how do you maintain this connection consciously and at increasingly deeper levels?

You find this connection by finding things that make you happy.  Some things that help me feel and maintain my connection are:

  • Looking deep into the eyes of my cat.
  • Going for a walk outside.
  • Spending time with a good friend.
  • Listening to a piece of wonderful music.
  • Reflecting on the blessings in my life.
  • Watching a beautiful sunset.
  • Curling up with my cat and a good book.
  • Watching my cat sleep.

Identify your moments of connection, and consciously guide yourself back into connection when you feel it slipping away.   Sometimes, even the memory of one of your “connection moments” can bring you back into alignment.

Animals are masters at maintaining their connection with Source.  They live in the moment – one of the best and easiest ways to stay connected.   As you can see from my own connection moments list, Amber plays a big part in helping me experience my connection with Source.  Let your pets help you find your connection.  It’s impossible to feel disconnected when you pet, play with or simply watch your pets.

Do you feel connected?

Amber feels connected

Siegfried and Roy’s final performance

I just watched Friday night’s 20/20 special about Siegfried and Roy’s final performance, and it touched me deeply.  I have always been in awe of the connection Roy shared with animals all his life, and his words “don’t shoot the tiger” after he was so gravely injured five years ago to me were the ultimate testament to his love for these beautiful animals.

I was fortunate to meet Siegfried and Roy at a book signing in 1992.  They brought one of the big tigers and a litter of five tiger cubs to the bookstore with them.  I got to pet one of the cubs.   They were very gracious to every single person in the long line  waiting to get their books signed, and they signed my book “To Ingrid.  Love, Siegfried and Roy”.  What I remember most about that day, though, was the incongruent sight of this huge, magnificent white tiger in the middle of a bookstore.

In 1993, I got to see their show at the Mirage in Las Vegas from front row seats.  It was truly a magical experience. 

Siegfried and Roy have always been about magic, about mastering the impossible, about dreaming big and and making those big dreams come true.  This final performance was a triumph of their determination and the fierce belief that Roy would not only survive, but recover from his injuries.  They are living proof that thoughts fueled by belief create reality.

 We never stop seeing, perhaps this is why we dream. 

 siegfried-and-roy Siegfried and Roy

The value of a mentor

I’m currently working with a life coach.  This afternoon, I met with her for an hour and a half.  I always come away from these sessions energized and excited about the possibilities life holds for me.   Webster’s defines a mentor as a “trusted counselor or guide”, and that’s exactly how I view my coach.  She helps me see things more clearly, stretch beyond my limits and visualize my ideal life.   She doesn’t let me get away with being less than true to my authentic self.

Amber says she’s been trying to tell me this all along.  Cats are always true to themselves.


Telling your story

Everywhere I go, people are complaining about the economy.  People are worried about their future.  They see their investments plummeting and they’re not sure when this free fall is going to end.  Reality, they say, is scary right now. 

I’m not immune to these fears.  It’s hard to insulate yourself when gloom and doom seems to be the order of the day, especially if you listen to the media.  (CNN stands for Continously Negative News, so don’t watch it and other news outlets and expect to feel better.) 

We can’t control the market, we can’t control the economy, and we can’t control the news media.  We do, however, have control over our thoughts, and by extension, what we talk about and how we frame our conversations.  Thoughts are energy.  Negative thoughts are negative energy.  Putting out negative energy attracts more negative energy.  So why not harness the power of our thoughts to our benefit?

Instead of telling the story the way we see it (the reality of it), why not tell the story the way we want it to be.  Instead of worrying about what might happen, why not focus on what we want to have happen?  Tell your story the way you want it to be.  You can’t keep telling the same story and expect different results. 

You can use this technique in conversations where the other person is focused on fear and bad news and concerned about her investments.  Instead of getting sucked into the other person’s negative story, acknowledge what they said, and then turn it around.  “Sure, ” you could say.  “Things seem to be pretty bad right now.  But this is just a cycle.  Think about how well we’re all going to be doing once this cycle turns.  Once the market recovers, we ‘ll all be rich!”  You might be accused of being a Pollyanna, but there are worse things in life than being accused of being optimistic and happy go lucky! 

As much as I can, I’m going to tell my story the way I want it to be.