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Today’s post about Assisi Animal Health is a bit of a departure from what I usually cover: the innumerable benefits cats derive from using the Assisi Loop or Loop Lounge. From cats with arthritis, kidney disease, recovery from injuries and many inflammatory conditions such as cystitis, stomatitis and more, the success stories we’ve featured have been remarkable and sometimes nothing short of miraculous.Continue Reading

Review: Basepaws Cat DNA Test


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Have you ever wondered about your cat’s genetic background? Maybe you were curious what breeds might make up your rescue cat’s genes? Or maybe you’d like to know whether you should be worried about any genetic health conditions so you can be proactive about them? The Basepaws Cat DNA test answers all of these questions.Continue Reading

A Drug Being Tested to Treat COVID-19 Is Almost Identical to a Black Market FIP Cure


You’ve probably heard a lot about remdesevir in the news recently. Manufactured by Gilead Sciences, Inc., this drug has shown promise in helping patients infected with COVID-19. On May 1, the FDA issued an emergency authorization for potential COVID-19 treatment, and on Saturday, the Department of Health and Human Services said the states with the greatest number of COVID-19 cases have been allotted doses of the drug based on their case counts. Gilead has donated 1.5 million doses of the drug to HHS. What you may not know is that this drug is almost identical to a drug available on the black market in China that has been used to successfully treat Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP.)Continue Reading

What Are the Small Pockets on Your Cat’s Ear?


A cat’s sense of hearing is much better than that of a human. A human ear can hear sounds of very low frequency of 20 Hertz to a very high frequency of 20,000 Hertz. Cats’ hearing is about the same on the low end, but they can hear high pitched sounds of up to 100,000 Hertz. Everything about a cat’s ear is designed by nature to aid her in hunting, and that includes the ability swivel her ears. But what is the purpose of those small pockets on the side of your cat’s ear?Continue Reading

Interactive Feline Behavior Survey to Help Cats in Chronic Pain


In March, I introduced you to a feline behavior quiz developed by British veterinarian Mike Farrell, BVetMed CertVA CertSAS Diplomat ECVS MRCVS, an orthopedic surgeon with a strong interest in chronic pain management. Thank you to al of you who took the quiz!

Dr. Farrell’s study is designed to provide pet parents and veterinary surgeons free access to clear and simple decision-making aids when it comes to dealing with cats in pain. “We currently rely on behavioral clues such as willingness to exercise and ability to jump, groom and interact,” says Dr. Farrell.Continue Reading

From Feral to Friendly: How the Assisi Loop Helped David Heal from an Injury


This guest post by Dr. Elena Contreras, DVM, MS, PhD
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I met an approximately 3 year old male, intact, “feral” cat on my first day working at a new job in a nonprofit spay/neuter clinic. He was an outdoor “feral” community cat that was trapped by a wonderful volunteer trapper and cat advocate. Although the trapper had assumed that the cat would be euthanized due to his injury and his poor condition, she brought him to the clinic hoping that we would be able to help him and treat him (and neuter him!). Continue Reading

Support Your Cat’s Immune System


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The immune system is an intricate system of biological processes and structures that protects the body against disease. A healthy immune system is able to recognize and fend off invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Keeping your cat’s immune system strong will help prevent health problems and protect her against disease.

In order to protect and boost your cat’s immune system, consider the following:Continue Reading