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Why Does Your Cat’s Tongue Feel Like Sandpaper? Feline Anatomy Explained


Cat anatomy is endlessly fascinating to me. Cats have some unique anatomical abilities that they share with no other species, and this is true for their tongue as well. That sandpaper sensation is caused by what is one of nature’s perfect designs: the cat’s tongue allows her to groom and to consume her prey.Continue Reading

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What Are the Small Pockets on Your Cat’s Ear? Feline Anatomy Explained


A cat’s sense of hearing is much better than that of a human. A human ear can hear sounds of very low frequency of 20 Hertz to a very high frequency of 20,000 Hertz. Cats’ hearing is about the same on the low end, but they can hear high pitched sounds of up to 100,000 Hertz. Everything about a cat’s ear is designed by nature to aid her in hunting, and that includes the ability swivel her ears. But what is the purpose of those small pockets on the side of your cat’s ear?Continue Reading

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An Integrative Approach to Treating IBD in Cats: Signs, Diagnosis & Care

red cat is being examined by a veterinarian

Far too many cat parents rationalize occasional, or even chronic, vomiting with explanations such as “he just eats too fast,” “she has a sensitive stomach,” or “it’s just a hairball.” Chronic vomiting is never normal, and can be an indicator of serious diseases of the small intestine, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and intestinal lymphoma.Continue Reading

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Food Sensitivities & Allergies in Cats: Signs, Diagnosis & What to Do


Food sensitivities and food allergies are caused by a reaction to a particular ingredient in the diet. The most common allergens are usually proteins, with fish and chicken being two of the most common causes. Grains, especially corn, and dairy products can also cause problems. An allergy can develop to any protein to which the cat is repeatedly or constantly exposed. Sometimes, allergies develop over time. Once an allergy has developed, it may last for the cat’s life.Continue Reading

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Ending FIP: Raising Awareness & Funds with ZenByCat

Veterinarian doctors analyzing blood samples of cat in laboratory under microscope

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is caused by a coronavirus. Easily transmitted between cats, it is equally as easily cleared by most, but sadly in a small subset of cats, the virus changes from a non-pathogenic form to one that aggressively infects intestinal macrophages. Up until very recently, FIP was almost always fatal.Continue Reading

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How to Cut Cooling Costs Without Sacrificing Your Indoor Cat’s Comfort

striped cat looking out the window at home

During the hot summer months, it goes without saying that you need to take precautions for your outdoor pets to protect them from heat stroke and other heat related problems, but even indoor cats require special attention, especially if you’re trying to save on cooling costs by turning the air conditioning up when you’re not at home.Continue Reading

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How to Be Financially Prepared to Be a Cat Parent


The joys of sharing life with a cat are limitless. Cats have an amazing ability to provide us with love, fun and play, while also bringing many important health benefits into our lives from relieving stress, preventing allergies, calming our nervous system and more. While these independent animals can be considered a low maintenance pet, caring for one is still a major commitment. Too often, we hear from veterinarians across the country about instances of pet parents struggling to balance the care their pet needs with what they can afford. While millions of Americans choose to share life with a pet, the true cost of ownership has historically been incredibly vague.Continue Reading

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First Ever Feline-Specific Pain Medication Is A Game Changer for Cats


Written by Ingrid R Niesman, MS PhD

While we don’t really know the extent of pain cats actually experience, we do know that they are masters at masking their discomfort, leaving cat parents guessing. This is especially true with arthritis pain. Just like humans, cats’ joints take a lifetime of abuse and display similar arthritic tendencies with age. Humans can avoid suffering with medications and joint replacements. Our cats with chronic osteoarthritis (OA) or degenerative joint disease (DJD) have fewer options.Continue Reading

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