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I prefer to wear nightshirts made from 100% cotton, and I like them plain, without any buttons, lace or other fussy decorations. Unfortunately, these types of sleepshirts are getting increasingly hard to find, which is why I was thrilled when I discovered these shirts on Amazon. Not only do they match all my requirements, they come in five different cat patterns and at a great price.

These shirts are comfortably roomy and super soft. They’ll feel stiff when you first get them, but after the first wash, they will feel like your favorite old t-shirt. I recommend ordering one size up, especially if you like your nightshirts a little on the loose side. Since they’re 100% cotton, they do shrink a little.

Yes, they’re made in China, and in addition to smiling about the adorable designs, the full description on Amazon will probably also make you chuckle. “These nightshirts for women are printed in different kinds of animals pattens, making you lovely and sweety.” Hey, who among us couldn’t stand to be a little more sweety!


I got the blue shirt, but I know I’ll be ordering a couple of additional ones. The only hard part is to decide which pattern!

The sleepshirts are available from Amazon in five cat patterns and a large selection of other fun designs. And wouldn’t they make great gifts for the cat lovers on your list?

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6 Comments on Cat Print Cotton Sleepshirts

  1. those are absolutely darling! I am surprised you didn’t get the purple-y lavender one! You look so pretty in those shades!

  2. Some of these designs are identical to the short sleeve ones I have bought from Walmart. I have to wonder if it’s the same manufacturer. If so, I love the fit and they are so comfortable. They hold up well to washing too.

  3. Someone with this AMZ seller needs to find someone to edit their listing content; most of the gibberish is not due to typos, but from staff that does not know English at all. One cannot even understand what they are trying to say by guessing from context it is so bad. I hope their products are better, but my experiences from items made in China over many years, are not even “meh”. Sorry, no thumbs up on this from me for several reasons, including a few not mentioned here. 🙁

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