Published by: Ingrid King. Last Updated on: July 27, 2023 by Crystal Uys


Today’s Etsy find is for the knitters and crocheters among you, but these project markers can be used for so much more!  Use them as a zipper pull on your favorite jacket. Use them as a purse charm to dress up an old handbag. The possibilities are endless!

For those of you who are not into crocheting or knitting, progress markers can help you see how much (or how little) progress you have made on your project from one time to the next.


These adorable little charms are handmade from lightweight acetate hand-wired with a silver toned lobster clasp.


They come in sets of three in blue, pink and natural, and no two are alike.

Don’t the natural ones look a little like torties?


The cat progress markers are available from Etsy.

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