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Jackson Galaxy hasn’t met a cat he couldn’t help, as he’s proven for eight seasons on Animal Planet’s popular show, My Cat From Hell. If you’re at your wit’s end with your challenging felines, here’s your chance to apply for personal help from Jackson.

Is your cat exhibiting any of these behaviors?

  • Attacks you, other pets, or family members?
  • Escapes any chance they get?
  • Eliminates outside the litter box?
  • Destroys valuable things in your house such as clothing, furniture and wires?
  • Keeps you up at night making loud noises?
  • Any other problem not mentioned?

Jackson Galaxy is ready to help. From excessively scratching, biting, growling, ruining furniture, tearing the house apart, escaping, etc., Jackson can help transform your cat back into the feline you love.

How to apply

Visit For priority consideration, you are welcome to submit a short along with your application, telling them about the specific behavioral issues for which you are seeking help and how your cat’s behavior is negatively affecting your life.

Also casting inspirational and hero cats

They are looking for inspirational cats and their brave owners who have uplifting and incredible stories to feature on the upcoming season.

  • Does your cat have a sweet or unlikely friendship with another animal?
  • Do you know a one of a kind cat with an amazing skill or talent?
  • Has your cat overcome incredible odds or done things for others that the world needs to hear about?

To apply, visit For priority consideration, you are welcome to submit a short video, telling them your inspiring cat story, along with any footage highlighting or demonstrating why your cat or story should be considered.

Will you be applying to be on the show?

Please note that Jackson Galaxy no longer works with private clients, and he will not answer questions left in comments on this post.

You can find a wealth of information about all aspects of caring for cats on his website and in his newest book, Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life With Your Cat.


Feline Behaviorist Recommendation

If you are looking to work with a feline behaviorist, I highly recommend Mikel Delgado and r. Marci Koski Both offer remote consultations.

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