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I’ve admired Bernadette Kazmarski’s art for a long time. I first introduced you to this supremely talented artist twelve years ago, and Bernadette and I have been friends ever since. She designed the covers for two of my books (Purrs of Wisdom and Adventures in Veterinary Medicine) and has been designing my annual Christmas cards for many years. And two years ago, a friend commissioned a very special painting of all of my cats from Bernadette.

Every month, Bernadette features a new piece of cat art to be used as a desktop calendar. This month’s art is so gorgeous, I just had to share it with you. It features three of Bernadette’s since deceased tri-color kitties settling down for a nap on the bed on a bright, sunny winter afternoon in 2007. Calico Peaches was 17, tortie Cookie and Kelly 15 and 14, respectively. “Peaches had been with us for about 18 months, but it was as if these three had always been together,” said Bernadette. “This is not the only photo of the three of them on the bed from that era. It was a regular thing. The memories are precious.”

This was a painting 15 years in the making. “The composition, each of the girls in her own space but gathering together, the colors, the familiar window, pillows, bedpost, the routine, I wanted to paint this almost immediately,” said Bernadette. “I put the photo in my folder of images, but other paintings called me first; the following year I painted Peaches and Peonies, and the year after that Darling Clementine.

Free signed digital print

You can get a free signed digital print of this painting if you register for an account on Portraits of Animals.Prints are made in archival inks on Epson Velvet paper. This print is 8 x 8 and is matted to fit a 12 x 12 frame. This print is only available as a new member gift through the end of this month.

Original painting, Giclee prints, canvas and greeting cards

You can purchase the original painting, as well as Giclee prints, canvas prints and greeting cards, from Portraits of Animals.

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  1. I love the beautiful colors and the feelings of peace and comfort this print evokes. Bernadette has a special gift for making stunning artwork.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! What a talented artist. I love all of the kitties. Peaches is the color of my Tortie’s mother and my girl has a back leg with the peaches color. I tell her all the time that her leg is a gift from her Mom. Thank you for sharing this beautiful painting.

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