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Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat in their diet to thrive. Their systems aren’t designed to digest carbohydrates. A raw diet is one of the best ways to fulfill cats’ nutritional requirements. There are numerous benefits from feeding a raw diet to your cat, including improved digestion, reduced stool odor and volume, increased energy, ability to maintain ideal weight, better dental health, and better urinary tract health.

Embraced for decades by holistically oriented pet parents and holistic veterinarians, raw feeding is becoming more mainstream as pet parents look for alternatives to feeding highly processed commercial pet foods.

Balanced Blends is a Boulder Colorado based company, founded by enthusiastic pet parents with a distinct curiosity and interest in pet nutrition. Initially, the three founders each prepared raw foods at home for their four-legged family members. They wanted to create a commercially available complete and balanced raw diet for cats and dogs that would help make raw feeding easy for pet parents’ busy schedules. Working with veterinarians and a PhD nutritionist, they created Balanced Blends.

“Complete and balanced”

In the US, AAFCO, the American Association of Feed Control Officials, is the organization which is charged with establishing and enforcing animal feed requirements across all fifty states. Its primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of feed for human food producing livestock. It’s important to understand that the AAFCO “complete and balanced” statement on pet food labels is not necessarily a quality indicator. It simply says that the food has been tested and approved as “complete and balanced for the life of a pet.” Unfortunately, this is sadly misleading. The tests are conducted on very small groups of animals and for very short periods of time. The only real long-term tests of any pet food happen when pet guardians feed these diets to their own pets.

Balanced Blends Raw Chicken Dinner for Cats

Balanced Blends goes beyond AAFCO’s minimum standards

Highlights of Balanced Blend diets include

  • A low (optimum) omega 6 to 3 ratio to promote healthy skin and coat along with reducing inflammation related to excessive omega 6 and not enough omega 3.
  • Their poultry recipes are formulated to be low in Linoleic Acid (LA.) Excessive LA is believed to promote inflammation (LA is an Omega 6) and is highly available in poultry.
  • Optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio.
  • Depending on the recipe’s need, they use wild caught salmon, flaxseed, and/or hemp oil to keep fat and fatty acids balanced at an optimal level
Balanced Blends Raw Beef Dinner for Cats

All of Balanced Blends’ diets are antibiotic free, USDA inspected and approved, do not contain added hormones, and the cat formulas do not contain any produce. All ingredients are sourced in the US, from cage free chickens and grass fed cattle.

Balanced Blends also makes sure that all other nutrients, vitamins, and trace minerals are balanced. They compare their nutrient profiles not only to AAFCO, but also to the ancestral diet and to the EU’s European Pet Food Industry Federation standards, which are more stringent than US standards. “Basically, our ‘Balanced Raw’ ideology is to not only formulate to meet AAFCO, but to also look deeper into making a diet that is really balanced for the best health for our cats and dogs,” says Tim Snipes, Balanced Blends President and CEO.

Convenient Starter Pack

Balanced Blends offers a convenient starter pack for new customers to try their products with a lower initial order amount.

Cat Starter Pack (free shipping + no minimum order)  *new customer only*
$14 for 2 lbs of Raw Chicken Dinner
$16 for 2 lbs of Raw Beef Dinner

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Coming soon: new turkey formula for cats

While Allegra and Ruby like Balanced Blend’s chicken formula, they were super excited to find out that there will be a new turkey formula coming very soon. They can’t wait to test it for you!

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