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You’re probably just as surprised as Allegra looks in the photo above, wondering why you’re seeing a dog book on The Conscious Cat. The Queen’s Corgi: On Purpose is the newest book by David Michie, the author of the popular Dalai Lama’s Cat series – and it’s so wonderful, I just had to share it with you.

Nelson, the protagonist of the heartwarming story, is rescued from unscrupulous breeders who plan to destroy him because he’s not perfect: he has a floppy ear. Little does this puppy know what destiny has in store for him when he arrives at Windsor Castle. As the Queen’s littlest Corgi, Nelson adjust to life in a royal household and quickly charms his way into everyone’s hearts.

Nelson becomes witness to the Queen’s encounters with celebrities, world leaders and philanthropists. By observing the queen and her advisers, Nelson discovers the secret to living a purposeful life.

This charming, poignant and humorous novel about a dog’s life with the royal family packs a deceptively powerful punch as it offers profound life lessons that will leave the reader transformed at a deeper level.

The Queen’s Corgi is available on Createspace and on Amazon.

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