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Is there a better feeling in the world than giving your cat a gift that she really, really loves? I got to experience that on Christmas Eve, when I gave Allegra the AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed.

I rarely buy anything for Allegra since we get so many products for review all year long, but something kept nagging at me to get her this bed. And I’m so glad I did!

AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed features

Generously sized at 23 inches diameter, this is the softest cat bed I have ever come across. It has a non-skid bottom. The bed can be machine washed on the gentle cycle. I love the rainbow pastel colors, even though I’m pretty sure Allegra couldn’t care less about the color of the bed.

What really intrigued me about this bed is that some of the ads I’d seen for it claim it’s a “calming bed.” I was pretty skeptical, because really, a bed that has the power to calm a cat?

Putting the AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed to the test

When I first helped Allegra open the package, this was the scene:


Okay, I thought. Another gift that was a bust and will end up getting donated.

A few minutes later, she checked out the bed, and this happened:

And this is where she spent the rest of Christmas Eve. And Christmas Day. And the next day. And the next. The first couple of days we had the bed, the only times she wasn’t in it was when she was either eating, playing or using the litter box!

As for the calming properties of the bed, I can’t say for sure that she’s a calmer cat than she was before she got the bed, but she sure seems to love napping in it.


The AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed is available from Amazon.

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