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As most of you know, I’m partial to tortoiseshell cats. People often think that torties are a breed, but they’re not. The name simply refers to their beautiful coloring, which is the result of an interaction between genetic and developmental factors. It should come as no surprise that I was drawn to torties when I was ready to adopt again after losing Buckley and then Amber.

In much the same way, some people are drawn to a specific breed of cat, and frequently, this notion steers them away from adoption. What they don’t realize is that there are many cats and kittens in shelters who are either the kind of breed they’re looking for, or a near mix.

Meet some of these adoptable “purebred” cats below. The stories were provided by Adopt-a-Pet. On Adopt-a-Pet’s website, you can search for your next feline family member by breed, gender, color, coat length, age and more. Beautiful Grace in the photo above is available for adoption from Charm City Animal Rescue in Baltimore, MD.


British Shorthair – Buck

British Shorthairs, originally called British Blues because they only came in blue, are rising in popularity every year. This breed has a high intelligence and a very easy-going nature. Because of their stellar personalities, they are a favorite in the acting world since they are so easy to train. If you want a kitty that watches everything you do and purrs while doing so, a British Shorthair might be the right cat for you and your family.

Buck loves one thing more than anything else: napping. This cat loves to snooze all day and night, though you’ll never catch him missing a meal. Weighing in at 12 pounds, this kitty is laid-back and friendly. He’ll always abandon his nap to come over for a good pet or two if you invite him to do so. Dark blue eyes and a dog friendly personality complete this perfect feline.

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Ragamuffin – Kimmie

Ragamuffin cats are a very new breed – they have only been around for 15 years. This breed is heavy, muscular, and typically very large. They come in a beautiful arrangement of colors, and some even exhibit heterchromia, which means that the cat has two different colored eyes. Ragamuffins are typically very cuddly, gentle, and docile. They don’t necessarily enjoy exercise, however, but they will get up to greet you by the door when you come home.

If you’re looking for a friendly, loyal kitty, here’s one you might want to adopt today. Kimmie is a sweet, laid-back Ragamuffin kitten. She loves to lounge around and purrs whenever you walk by her. Her fur is coming in thick and it’s likely she’ll be medium haired, and her darling boots on all feet are absolutely irresistible. Her outgoing and friendly personality will have you coming back time and time again for more love and kisses. Kimmie is good with all animals.

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Manx – Ralphie

Manx cats are best known for the lack of a tail, though not all Manx cats are tailless. The Manx is considered to be a friendly, outgoing breed that becomes very attached to a single owner or family. They are said to be a playful, intelligent breed, and can be taught to fetch. This breed is also capable of learning verbal commands and can even be taught to shake.

Meet handsome, friendly Ralphie! Ralphie is a marbled tabby Manx with a big heart and a chirpy trill for a meow. One of his favorite pastimes is cuddling with you on his fleece blanket. Lucky for the multi-cat owner, Ralphie doesn’t discriminate against kitties with full tails, and would love to have a furry feline – or canine – companion.

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Egyptian Mau – Clive

Egyptian Maus are a fairly rare breed, but are an excellent choice for almost any home. Though most cat caregivers and veterinarians don’t recommend allowing your cats outside, Egyptian Maus love the outdoors. They love to hunt up and down local streets to help control the local rat and mouse population. Maus are an affectionate breed, and they bond closely with a single owner. They aren’t a huge fan of strangers or other cats, but can learn to get along with both of introduced at an early age.

Meet Clive. Clive grew up in an abandoned parking lot with two other siblings. Though he’s not pure Mau, he has gorgeous markings all over his body that indicate he does have a Mau background. He acts like a Mau, too; he’s constantly rubbing up against his foster for attention when no one else is looking. He can be timid and fearful, but with socialization and time, Clive will make a great cat for any single person home!

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Maine Coon – Chris

The Maine Coon breed is one of the first breeds of cat established in North America; they even participated in the very first cat show in 1895. A long, flowing coat, “husky” bone structure and wide variation in color help define the Maine Coon breed. These gentle giants are intelligent, loyal, and usually very comfortable around other cats and dogs. Maine Coons also have a tendency to be clownish and playful for their entire lives – you can almost call them perpetual kittens!

Meet Chris the darling Maine Coon kitten. Chris has a feral mother and was raised for part of his life outside, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less playful, sweet, and friendly than any other kitten. At eight weeks old, you can tell this gorgeous kitten is going to have a long, glossy coat and will grow to be large – Chris is already a whopping three pounds! His “dust mop” feet and big round eyes complete the perfect picture of this adorable baby.

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Siamese – Lunar

The Siamese breed has built a reputation on their demure natures, intelligence, stunning coats and icy blue eyes. Many Siamese cats love to chit-chat with their owners all day long and they are typically “dog-like” and very playful. Often, they are slightly cross-eyed and have beautiful blue or black points to match their outgoing and laid back personalities.

Here’s one charming Siamese boy who needs someone to love! Lunar tries to be a smooth talker, but he’s more of a smooth croaker! Lunar loves to chat to new people about the weather and other small talk, but he gets right down to business when it comes to snuggling. The easiest way to find Lunar is to give him a new friend to cuddle so he can get right under his new companion’s chin. His other favorite place is your shoulder so he can continue his conversations with you! You’ll instantly fall head over heels for this blue-eyed sweetheart.

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Are you partial to a certain breed? What made you fall in love with that breed?

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