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Could you describe your cat to someone else so they would be able to identify him or her without any doubt? As cat parents, we’re always going to be able to recognize our own cats, but being able to describe your cat accurately to others could be important. Perhaps you have two cats who look so similar that your friends are always wondering how you can tell them apart. How would your cat sitter know who is who? And in a worst case scenario, if your cat ever got lost, being able to provide an accurate description to area shelters could be crucial to getting her back home.

I came across Alley Cat Allies “A Visual Guide to Identifying Cats” at the recent American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) conference in Charlotte, and I just have to share this guide with you, because it’s not only beautifully illustrated, it’s also the most thorough guide of this kind I’ve seen.

The guide covers the following features:

  • coat length
  • coat color
  • coat patterns
  • markings
  • feature colors
  • unique identifers
  • determining sex


You can download the guide here. Alley Cat Allies also offers a Cat Identification Worksheet to help you develop a detailed and accurate description of your own cat.


About Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies is the global engine of change for cats. They protect and improve cats’ lives through innovative, cutting-edge programs. They are seen around the world as a champion for the humane treatment of all cats. They work toward a world where every cat is valued and protected and every community and shelter has policies and programs to save their lives. For more information, and to support their important work, please visit

This information is brought to you thanks to Assisi Animal Health, who sponsored my attendance at the AAFP conference. The Assisi Loop and Assisi Loop Lounge offer complete and safe pain management solutions for your cat. For more information, please visit or contact Assisi Animal Health at [email protected], 866-830-7342.

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  1. I’ve used other informative Alley Cat Allies brochures at our adoption events. People appreciate the easy-to-understand answers to their questions.

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