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Last month, we introduced you to Assisi Animal Health’s new DentaLOOP. Using Assisi’s trusted tPEMF™ technology, the DentaLOOP  provides safe and effective pain relief for dental and oral pain without adverse effects.

How does the Assisi Loop work?

The Assisi Loop features targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF™). This modality was first studied in the 1970s and is FDA-cleared for use in humans. It uses low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to help relieve pain and swelling. For a detailed explanation of the technology, please visit the Assisi Animal Health website.

This technology offers a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment. Cats tolerate it much better than many medications. Not only that, but a lot of cats really enjoy receiving Loop treatments. Because the Loop stimulates the body’s own healing process, rather than introducing a new substance (like a medication), even a sensitive cat body can handle it easily.

Proven science with positive results

A two-year double blind clinical trial on dogs recovering from spinal surgery at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine showed that the Loop not only reduces pain, but also helps the injured nerve tissue recover faster. This enables the pet to return more quickly to normal function.”

DentaLOOP benefits

  • Helps reduce oral and dental pain and inflammation.
  • Helps reduce pain and swelling after dental procedures, orofacial surgery, and trauma.
  • Reduces the need for opioids and other pain medications.
  • Aids in preparation of oral tissues for surgery.

Use the Assisi DentaLOOP to help

  • Speed recovery and reduce pain after dental extractions.
  • Reduce healing time and pain after orofacial surgery.
  • Reduce inflammation caused by stomatitis and other oral conditions.
  • Reduce swelling and improve tissue condition prior to oral surgery.


An optional DentaLOOP Bonnett made from soft fabric, similar to an Elizabethan collar, can be used with the DentaLoop, but it can also  be used without the bonnet.

Enter to win an Assisi DentaLOOP for Your Cat

For up to seven ways to enter, see the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open to readers in the United States only, and ends Thursday, July 21. Winners will be chosen by random drawing**.

For more information about how the Loop could help your cat, visit or contact Assisi Animal Health at, 866-830-7342.

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37 Comments on Giveaway: Win an Assisi DentaLOOP for Your Cat

  1. One of my 11 rescues has dental problems and could benefit with this product, but there are so many folks that have posted on here that could really use the DentaLoop; I hope one of them gets it.

  2. My kittens (Caitlin and Neve) are almost 3 months old. I would use this dental loop to help keep their teeth and oral cavities healthy.

  3. Would love to win this Loop. Unfortunately, link to enter is both glitchy and not secure so my devices are blocking access. Oh well, Privacy and Internet Safety are paramount

  4. My boy, Jefferson is six years old and just had to have two teeth removed. Maybe The Assisi Loop could help future dental problems for Jefferson.

  5. My sweet Michael came to me at the age of 5 with inherited dental challenges. This would be a welcome addition to our toothbrushing routine and one that is sure to be less invasive.

  6. My Buddy is a big 20lb tom cat I found as a kitten with a broken leg. Now that he is 12 years old he has bad days with discomfort in that leg. This would be a god send for him.

  7. With 3 seniors, putting them under for dentals is nerve wracking. Luci is turning 20 with just a few teeth left, I wonder if this would help someone w/so much dental disease.

  8. This is very cool! I would use this with Tylan. His stomatitis is being well-managed on Pred after stem cell therapy, but it would be great if we could reduce his Pred dose, given all the long-term possible side effects of the medication.

  9. Tazzy and Asta are old and losing some teeth, but still happy and playful. But I really think this would help them with their understandable pain they must have. Thanks.

  10. I would use this on my cat Peanut. Her mother was a feral who had fiv & resorptive tooth disease. I believe mom passed the fiv on to her kittens, because Peanut gets constant infections, (resp & bladder so far,) but at 12 yrs old, I worry about her teeth also. Plus I’m sure my other rescue cats can benefit from it.

  11. My cat Sasha has always had tooth problems, starting when she was a kitten. She has had to have a number of extractions and will probably need more in the future. I think the Assisi loop would really help with her recovery.

  12. Early in his life, my Newton was a TNR kitty. He was brought into our local animal shelter as a stray — then I ‘found’ him. He’s around 8 years old and a counter surfer — there is lots of jumping down onto a hard floor. Arthritis & other senior ailments will surely be in his future and I’d like to start using the Assisi Loop now for his general well-being. It can add years to his life, and more life to his years.

  13. My cat has Stomatitis and he many times bleeds from his mouth.
    His vet has him on Cyclosporin and while it’s helping , knowing how toxic this medicine is really scares me.

  14. My cat has Stomatitis and he many times bleeds from his mouth.
    His vet has him on Cyclosporin and while it’s helping , knowing how toxic this medicine is really scares me.

  15. I would try this on Tirix. He is a very fiendly feral now turned nice guy who has granulaoma that has spread to his mouth. There has been so many things tried wondering how this would work

  16. How wonderful a great device to use for dental issues. These people are incredible to come up with this device!

  17. I really don’t have a cat with dental problems right now. I would give this to my mom for her chihuahua, Betty, who has a lot of dental problems.

  18. I have an older cat who has an artificial diaphragm and going to the vet is very stressful and her recovery as quickly as possible would be wonderful. The faster she can recover and heal the easier it would be for her to go back to her stress free life and start eating again. I have 2 other older cats that this would work for also! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity!

  19. my Frankie who is the sweetest boy ever has had a full mouth extraction due to stomatitis but as sometimes it happens still gets inflamed gums and needs a steroid injection. i would love to try the loop as an alternative to that.

  20. I would use this for my cat Kerry. He’s my one-eyed rescued pirate kitty and he doesn’t do well at vets, but does have bad teeth. This would help him post-extractions. We’ve got 3 cats that are 13+ and all 4 cats we have are rescued, teeth problems seem to come with the feral cards.

  21. My cat, Samwell, is FIV+ and has stomatitis. Poor little guy struggles with gum inflammation and pain. I have to take him to the vet, which terrifies him, for steroid shots. I’d love to give him some relief from his mouth issues and the stress of vet visits.

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